YOU season 3
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The psychological thriller You is everything you want out of an intriguing series: suspense, crime, drama, mystery and all is served at your television screen before you. And now YOU Season 3 release date is what we are eagerly waiting for. 

YOU is an American psychological thriller television series whose first season is based on a book of the same name. And, the writer is Caroline Kepnes. The plot revolves around a New York bookstore manager and a SERIAL KILLER Joe Goldberg. A visiting customer to the bookstore Guinevere Beck is the woman for whom he falls in love with. Moreover, she becomes his obsession which knows no bounds, is toxic and delusional.

You season 3

The series premiered on Netflix on 26th December, 2018. The thriller series gained a lot of viewers . And, even was a critical success. So, it was renewed to return back. Subsequently, the second season was out on Netflix on December 26th, 2019. And, in January 2020 , the series has been decided to come out one more time.

You Season 3 Release date

A release date has yet not been finalised. But, we know for sure that Season 3 is coming. The entire process is at halt because of the pandemic situation. The chances of You Season 3 releasing this year are looking dim at this point of time.
You Season 3 Plot: What can you expect?

Season 2 gave major revelations about what exactly took place between Joe and Candace. Also, what unfinished business she had with him. These questions were answered in Season 2. But, a lot of questions were raised again. We expect there answers to be given in Season 3.

You season 3 cast

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You Season 3 Cast

Badgley would obviously return as Joe, a sociopath. Love would be important for the story to move forward. Dr Nicky played by John Stamos might make a return. Ellie Alves is not so sure about her comeback.
Let’s just hope that all the important ones do return back.

Source : Digital Spy

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