World war Z
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Fans are expecting¬† another encounter with the undead as World War Z 2 is coming their way. The Brad Pitt starrer movie World War Z was a massive success story collecting more than $540 million worldwide. And now zombies can’t rest as Brad Pitt is back to slaughter them, or is it the case…

Bradd pitt

The creative duo of Brad Pitt and director David Fincher have delivered masterpieces such as Se7en, Fight Club and, my personal favorite, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Of course this makes the audience even more curious about the second World War Z film.

World war Z

What happened in World War Z

The previous movie was an intriguing adaptation of Max Brooks’ best selling novel of a post-apocalyptic world. The story begins with a former U.N. investigator Gerry Lane(Brad Pitt). Gerry is stuck with his family in an urban girdlock and soon realises that this is no ordinary traffic jam. A lethal virus is at large turning people into vicious, zombie-like creatures. Chaos erupts all around the place.

Bradd pitt

As the pandemic spreads its monstrous arms and threatens the existence of humanity, Gerry embarks on a mission to find the source of the infection and contain it. A dangerous journey ensues with many close encounters. Is Gerry able to save the world? Any more from my side will spoil the fun

Bradd pitt

World War Z 2, when will it release?

The famed production house Paramount Productions had promised a sequel for World War Z soon after it hit the theatres. There were news that the production was underway. But why has the news not become a reality yet? Perhaps it will follow the legacy of the first movie. A troubled development phase will eventually lead to the sequel.

World war z

However, fans should not get their hopes high because this is a distant truth. Even the casting for the sequel has not been confirmed. Paramount Pictures has not shown the green flag too the shooting of World War Z 2. The project was originally scheduled too start production in 2017 but was later postponed to 2018-19.

World war Z

In addition to that, the director David Fischer and lead actor Brad Pitt have started working on different projects. The fans can only wait for the best to happen.

Expected Storyline

If the creators do decide to produce a sequel of the movie then we can expect the story to continue from where it was left last time. Previously, the survivors had figured out a way to escape from the zombies with our being noticed. In the sequel we expect to see the fightback begin.

World war Z

However, this time the movie is expected to assume a political stand. A pandemic spanning the globe has plenty of material to offer for a sequel.

The prospects of a sequel appear more dead than a zombie. Let’s wait for Gerry Lane to return. Till then, there is plenty of trending news to tattle about.

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