The Winds of Winter
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The most anticipated question after the end of the Game of Thrones is that, when is the Winds of Winter hitting the shelves? Winds of Winter is the 6th book of the series, A Song of Ice and Fire, the same book series on which the epic fantasy, Game of Thrones is based. It has been quite a long time and we have been missing the Iron Throne very badly but it seems fans won’t have to wait for long. The author, George R.R. Martin has some updates for the fans and here we are with all of it.

Release date

There have been a lot of updates from the Martin about the tentative dates, however, none has turned out to be the final one. Martin had expected to finish the book before the end of the Game of Thrones but it didn’t happen. In a blog post, he has promised the fans to arrive at the Worldcon in New Zealand with the book, else he must be imprisoned. While that seems quite promising, we may expect the release date to be between July 29 to August 2 (although it is virtual this year).

Winds of Winter

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Winds of Winter: What can we expect?

There is a lot to expect this time with a hell lot of twists and turns. The burning of Shireen and the death of Hodor and the revelation of the meaning of his name are confirmed moments from the book. Bran’s journey will continue and Stannnis will be battling against Ramsay Bolton in the Battle of Ice. Although this is something we have already seen, it will be done with a different approach in the book.

Jon Snow’s resurrection will also be a part of the book’s version. Daenerys will continue towards the Westeros. The Iron Throne could be taken up by Young Griff. The horns on the cover page are the evidence that either the Horn of Winter or the dragonhorn has a dramatic effect to cast.

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