DA 5 bloods
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The streaming giant Netflix is the safe heaven we have now. Amidst all the chaos outside, all the melancholic situation that is prevailing; Netflix gives us a moment to be happy. Besides the Covid-19 pandemic , the severe and woeful news we hear everyday is bound to give us stress.

These are tough and challenging times. And, keeping one’s mental health and our mind space in a proper place is a must now. So, Netflix comes to the rescue.

Moreover, the streaming service has not been deterred by the whole thing. They are coming with full force . And, continuously releasing new series, movies, TV shows, animations, comedy and whatnot to the utmost delight of the audience.

Here, we try to list down some of the movies and series which you can enjoy and relieve yourself of all the stress. Read below to find out what’s new on Netflix this week. 

DA 5 Bloods

New on Netflix this week
Da 5 Bloods:

The story is about four African-American vets Paul,Otis,Eddie and Melvin. Paul is played by Delroy Lindo,Otis is played by Clarke Peters,Eddie is played by Norm Lewis and Isiah Whitlock Jr. plays Melvin.

The four brothers return to Vietnam in search of a buried treasure. And, also looking for their failed squadron leader which is played in flashbacks by Chadwick Boseman. It is going to be a good watch. 

  • Netflix has also released Alexa and Katie : Part 4
  • How to get away with murder : Season 6
  • Milea and Marcella: Season 3 over the weekend.
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However, on June 15, only Underdogs came out . But, this week they are releasing more shows. Baby Mama, frost/Nixon is scheduled on June 16. An evening with Beverly Luff Linn and Mr.Iglesias is coming on June 17.

The next day will see the release of A whisker away and The Order: Season 2 . Most shows will be released on June 19 which are Babies: Part 2, Father Soldier son, Feel the beat,Floor is Lava, Lost bullet, Girls from Ipanema: Season 2, The Politician, Rhyme Time Town, Wasp Network and One way to Tomorrow. 

Goldie comes on June 21 . And, Dark Skies on June 22. On June 23, a Netflix comedy special Eric Andre: Legalize everything is coming. And , it’s gonna be one hell of a fun.

Netflix is bringing something new to our screens all the time.

Source : www.whats-on-netflix.com

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