Tom Hanks
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Actors and celebrities get huge payments for each movie they make. Tom Hanks is one of the actors with a large amount of fan following. Read below to know what is Tom Hanks net worth… 

About the actor

Celebrity actors and sports persons are people who earn a hell lot of money. Especially actors are people who earn a lot through movies and promotions. Tom Hanks is also included in the list of such actors. The legendary American actor who made his mark in the Hollywood film industry. Thomas Jeffrey Hanks is also a filmmaker.

He is widely known for the amazing roles he played, both in the comedy genre and in dramatic movies. Tom Hanks is often cited as the symbol of cultural icon in the United States. His movies have grossed more than 4.9 billion dollars in North America. And, more than 9.96 billion dollars across the globe. This colossal success led him to become the fifth- highest grossing actor in North America.

What is tom Hanks net worth


He is the second actor in the history of Academy awards to have received the Academy award in two consecutive years for Best actor. He received these accolades for Philadelphia in which he played the character of a gay lawyer suffering from AIDS and another one for Forrest Gump in which he plays a young man with low IQ. These two movies defined his career in the films and also his net worth.

What is Tom Hanks Net worth? 

Hank’s net worth is 350 million dollars as per the latest reports. Hanks received the highest paycheck for his movie Forrest Gump . During the making of this movie, there was a situation with the budget . And, so he had agreed on giving up his salary in exchange for “first dollar” backend points.

What is tom Hanks net worth

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After the phenomenal success of the movie, Tom Hanks had a major addition to his bank balance. He also has a fair share of Real Estate properties. Their real estate is worth at least 150 million dollars. Hanks comes in the Top 20 of richest actors in the world.

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