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With the evolution of technology, the video games have also evolved hand in hand. Today, mobile phones are handier and user friendly than ever before which has led to this massive shift of video games from PC to mobile phones. Tropico is one such game.

The island governing simulator game, Tropico has been in business for a long time now. According to the theme of this franchise, the players take the role of governor of a tropical island. It has outstanding construction and mind-blowing mechanics which has been the reason for its buzz lately.



Initially, Tropico was launched on iPad. This week it has been updated to include an iPhone version with few new features on board.
In the iPhone version, there is an action bar right at the bottom of the screen. The action bar has various icons for different tasks to be performed.

  • Generally, only one tutorial is provided for a new game. However, Tropico provides you with not one but two different tutorials.
  • The basic tutorial
  • The in-depth tutorial
    Further, there are two different modes in which you can experience this marvellous game.
  •  Campaign mode in which you are given 15 different maps with several tasks and challenges.
  •  Sandbox mode in which you can make your own island and do anything you want.


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The best thing about Feral Interactive is that it takes time to understand the behaviour of the game on various other platforms before porting it, which results in an outstanding experience for the gamers. This is what we can surely call an ideal port. The audio has always been appealing.


The only flaw with this port is that, some objects are smaller to tap which may cause a bit of difficulty in the gameplay, especially on smaller screens like iPhone7. The pause button and the fast button need to improve on that note.
The overall quality is surprisingly amazing as promised and the port has undergone a lot of effort which is clearly evident. Happy gaming!

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