Transformers 7
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It is something that the Generation Z has watched growing up. It is something that has given thrill and excitement to millions of kids around the world. It takes us to a world of high-tech robots talking, fighting and enjoying the way we do.Yes, we are talking about the Transformers franchise. The Transformers franchise has six movies . And, Transformers 7 is on its way.

The six movies in the billion dollars worth franchise are :

Transformers(2007), Revenge of the Fallen(2009), Dark of the Moon(2011), Age of Extinction (2014), The Last Knight(2017) and Bumblebee(2018). 

Transformers 7

The first five have been directed by Michael Bay and the Bumblebee is directed by Travis Knight. Originally based on a comic book by Hasbro, the Transformers franchise has set a benchmark in makings of a bot based movie. The CGI is excellent.
Transformers 7 is what we are waiting for now .
Transformers 7 release date

Transformers 7 release date is not finalised now. It was to be released this year. But, it didn’t happen unfortunately. So, we can hope for late 2020 or early 2021. The Bumblebee 2 is going to be super fun and amazing.

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Transformers 7 Cast

The uncertainty that is looming over the Transformers 7 implies that there is no concrete information about the cast as of now.
Transformers 7 Plot

In Transformers 7 or Transformers: The rise of the unicorn , Optimus Prime gets information about his source and Cybertron’s situation. The betrayal by Quintessa paves paths for the vulnerability of Unicorn, the transformer whose horns came into Last Knight. Quintessa and Unicorn are against each other. Moreover,Earth is amidst intergalactic war between two titans.

The Transformers 7 has to be everything new and innovative. Sheer brilliance is required to make the next in the franchise.
Cross your fingers, keep calm and wait for Transformers 7.

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