The Orville Season 3
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There had been cruel speculations of The Orville series ending up in the TV graveyard after running for two seasons. Creators can be so capricious at times. The Orville fans are eager to know whether the series remains at the safe side or not.

Does Seth MacFarlane’s sci-fi comedy-drama have enough gas in the tank for more space-filled adventures?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Any chances of The Orville Season 3?

Let’s cut to the chase. To the audience’s much relief, The Orville Season 3 has been shown the green signal. However, there is a slight change: The Orville Season 3 will no longer be aired on Fox. Hulu streaming services has taken over this job instead. Although, both are owned by Disney so it hardly matters.

There is one noticeable difference however: the Hulu subscription fee. The platform does offer a seven-day free trial, but after that a basic package will set you back $5.99 a month.

Orville Season 3

Orville Season 3: Whom to expect?

Season 2 saw the loss of  Halston Sage as Lieutenant Alara Kitan, but executive producer David Goodman is keen on ways of getting her back into the show. He said:

I don’t think she is coming back as a regular. But, we love that character… so if there is an opportunity to bring her back story-wise, I think she would be open to it and we would love to have her back

MacFarlane is one of the creators of the show and will surely return as Captain Ed Mercer.

The characters from previous season will be there once again to revamp the space adventure. We will have  Doctor Claire Finn (Penny Johnson Jerald), Lieutenant Gordon Malloy (Scott Grimes), Lieutenant Commander Bortus (Peter Macon), Commander Kelly Grayson (Adrianna Palicki), Isaac (Mark Jackson), Lieutenant Talla Keyali (Jessica Szohr), Lieutenant Commander John LaMarr (J Lee) and Klyden (Chad L Coleman).

We have also received news of a new addition to the cast. Anne Winters from 13 Reasons Why will be joining as a character called Charly Burke.

The Orville Season 3 Release date: When will it air?

The Orville Season 3 has had its fair deal of halts and hurdles. It was announced in 2019 that the third season had been delayed. This was among the rumours of the show being scrapped. It was followed by shifting to Hulu from Fox since the show had “become more ambitious productio-wise.”

Orville Season 3

We were promised that it would hit screens in the in the latter half of 2020, but production has been halted due to the coronavirus pandemic.  So there’s a strong possibility that we could be looking at a 2021 premiere.

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What to expect from The Orville Season 3?

Little is known about what may happen in the third season. Although, Goodman did reveal that he would like to delve deeper  into the fallout from Isaac’s decisions in ‘Identity’ and ‘Identity Part II’ (season two: episodes eight and nine). There might be repercussions for what Isaac did in the previous season.

Speaking to TrekMovie he added that they will still be doing standalone episodes while taking a deeper dive into the characters , the aliens. However, they will not deviate from the show’s format so that no new viewer is confused. All in all, they will be expanding the characters and storylines.

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