The OA season 3
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The OA season 3 got cancelled by the streaming service. Are there chances for it to return? Read below

The Netflix supernatural and science fiction series that has all mystery and intrigue invoking in the audience is The OA. It is an American mystery drama web television series . It is fully loaded with science fiction, supernatural and fantasy stuff. The creators of the show are Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij . Brit Marling is also the executive producer along with being the lead actor. This amazing series has two seasons. And, there are eight episodes in each. The show is about a woman named Prairie who suddenly appears out of the blue after seven long years since her disappearance. She now refers to herself as OA. Previously she was blind. But, now she can see. This gripping series has received, in totality, good reviews. The OA season 3 is keeping the fans waiting. 

The OA season 3


Release date of The OA season 3

On March 22,2019 the second season or the “Part 2” was released . After being renewed for the second part on February 8,2017. The series is supposed to be a five-part show. However, on August 5,2019 Netflix cancelled the show. And, left us with a cliffhanger. So, the prospects of a new season are really dim. We really hope for a new season.

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Plot of The OA season 3

In the first part or the first season , Prairie, a woman who had disappeared seven years back, suddenly returns. Moreover, she has gained her eyesight. She refuses to tell her family and FBI where she was all the time. She now refers to herself as the OA. She assembles five local people , narrates her story to them and asks for help. So, she can rescue other missing people by opening a portal to another dimension.
In the second part, she travels to another dimension . And, ends up in San Francisco. She meets private eye Karim Washington . And, helps him in the investigation of the disappearance of a young girl. The case involves a deserted house with a supernatural history along with an online puzzle game.

Simultaneously, OA’s five companions set out on a journey across America to assist her in her endeavours. Season 3 plot is not yet known. Season 2 had left us on a cliffhanger. If part 3 releases, it is going to give us some major reveals. 

The OA season 3


Brit Marling is Prairie Johnson. Homer Roberts is played by Emory Cohen. Scott Wilson is Abel Johnson. Phyllis Smith plays Betty. Nancy Johnson is played by Alice Krige. Partick Gibson portrays the role of Steve Winchell. Brendan Meyer as Jesse Mills.

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