The last days of American crime
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A one word description for Olivier Megaton’s The Last Days Of American Crime can be ‘incompetent’. The greatest crime that the movie commits is how it kills the tiniest imaginative expectation of the viewers that paid to watch it. No wonder it was a total hush-hush on Netflix.

The Last Days of American Crime: An unusual release

The movie was released on Netflix on June 5, 2020. But the release was completely buried flat by Netflix. Moreover, it was not even featured in the New Releases bar and no screeners were uploaded. Initially it was being suspected that the release was being hidden due to bad timing. It is known that the movie is about unrest being quelled by a tyrannical government. So, it might have been a thoughtful step to stop all sort of campaigns following the George Floyd riots in June 2020. A case of bad timing.


But the audience soon realised that timing was not the only factor. The plot of the movie is a disaster. Anybody who survives these 135 minutes of insane nothingness can survive the doomsday as well.

Plot of the movie

The plot of the movie follows Rick Remender’s graphic novel which proposes a technological advancement to stop all crimes. In a not so distant future an American Peace Initiative that sends signals which interfere with people’s brain doesn’t allow them to perform any criminal activity.

The last days of American crime

This brings the country into chaos as criminal minds try to pull off one last big job. This follows the entry of Graham Bricke (Edgar Ramirez) whose brother just committed suicide in jail. Another bad guy Kevin Cash (Michael Pitt) comes and tells him that he knew Graham’s brother in jail. The duo plans a final heist to avenge his brother’s death. They are joined by Kevin’s fiance Shelby (Anna Brewster). This is where The Last Days Of American Crime takes a nastily uninteresting turn.

Shelby is one of the most misogynistically written characters of the decade.  According to Roger Ebert:

She’s abused, threatened, used, and ogled by Megaton’s camera in grotesque ways. She should be a femme fatale, a character who entices Bricke into a dangerous situation, but she’s not even given that agency….

She’s a teen boy’s vision of a female character in an action movie, someone who is only there for sex or to put in danger, at least until the massively unearned emotional appeal in the final act that almost makes it worse.

The movie follows the story of these three characters as they try to pull off their last criminal heist.

The Last Days Of American Crime: Reviews

The movie has been described as a pathetic excuse for a half-asleep acting, weak characters, boring dialogues and poorly written script. Not to mention, the inept directing. The movie runs a flimsy screenplay in the name of action drama because the real action unfolds only after 85 long and boring minutes.

The last days of American crime

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The initial scenes contain nothing more than scar-faced, buffed up men showing off their muscles. Even the build up of the heist is monotonous, predictable and utterly uninteresting.

The only thing commendable about The Last Days Of American Crime is the unbelievable fact that it made through production. My golden advice to you will be that if, by ill fate, you stumble upon this movie then look at running time that is left to ease yourself.

For the time being, the government should actually develop a way to stop such crimes such as the making of The Last Days Of American Crime.

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