Grand tour season 5
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If you are one who loves the fierce roar of your vehicle’s motor then what follows will be a treat to you. All the Amazon Prime Video’s motoring series fans have been questioning about the same thing: When will the upcoming episodes of The Grand Tour Season 4 premier? The drought is finally over with the announcement of the second episode of The Grand Tour Season 4.

What’s in Episode 2?

The streaming company and the show’s hosts have finally yielded to the pouring questions from the audience on Twitter. It is comfirmed that The Grand Tour season 4 will take the hosts Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May to Madagascar, is due this year, Amazon has revealed this news on Twitter. Unfortunately, due to the rising number of of COVID-19 cases in Russia, the next planned episode, which was supposed to be filmed there, cannot be produced now.

Grand tour season 5

Their official statement read:

Yes, the next Special will land later this year. It has been filmed in Madagascar and it’s obvious that there will be cars. Yes, we wanted to go to Russia. No, we couldn’t (we all know why). Yes, we will try again. No, we don’t know when. Yes, we will keep you updated. #TheGrandTourJuly 7, 2020

Release date for The Grand Tour Season 4 episode 2

It was revealed to the fans in April that the second episode was two to three weeks away from completion, with the release date being a decision in the hands of Amazon. In his most latest response to fans on Twitter, about the release date of season 4, Clarkson simply told them to ask Amazon.

Grand tour season 5

It is obvious that TV and film productions are facing difficulties in their production work. And the showmakers cannot risk the life of all its cast and crew. The Grand Tour’s content is marvelously built on the idea or premise where we see the show’s hosts traveling to different interesting yet unusual backdrops and creating their usual brand of vehicular midlife crisis. When the world is struggling to endure a medical crisis, a shadow of uncertainty is cast upon the next episode of The Grand Tour Season 4. Let us pray for the best!

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