The Glass Hotel
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The Glass hotel is the 5th most popular novel of Emily St. John after her last novel Station-Eleven. Emily St. John is a Canadian writer and its her first work after winning the Arthur C. Clarke Award. The book is a series of puzzle which would make its reader a mini sherlock holmes to join the fragments of the clue. It seems to have picked present condition which is rather on a fraudster and scammer.

The Glass Hotel: Story

The play starts with Paul who is very keen in acquiring friends and provides a friend tablet perhaps he thinks that it would keep his bonding longer. At a nightclub his tablets failed and took life of one of his friends. Paul flees away to his half-sister Vincent. After five years he worked in a hotel at the Vancouver island. His work was well appreciable but soon fired as suspected of a graffiti in the hotel window.

The graffiti was scribbled as “Why don’t you swallow broken glass” for Jonathan Alkiaitis, a wealthy investor of New York and owner of the Vancouver hotel. The young widower Alkiaitis orders a drink at the bar where Vincent is ready to serve her. Vincent falls in relationship with Alkiaitis  and soon follows him to his house as a young bride.

But there cant be such simple story even for a small writer and its Emily’s novel!! The stock values goes down and slowly his loans in banks collapse. Alkiaitis is declared a fraud investor and a broke ,he’s sent to 172 yrs of prison. He might live that long to complete his tenure. Seeing that Vincent her better half lost everything and sent to jail she changed her identity and works as a cook in shipping freighter.

The glass hotel

His investment agents haunt him to payback their fortune. The investigation continues and Leon prevant is held to intrude the Alkiaitis fraud case by the police. Leon is his investing partner and sooner he is held for enquiry so to recover the wealth and real-estate he might have bought at several places.

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Paul changes his life as a young composer in the arts industry and has a long-term addiction on girls.

The Atlantic said, “The Glass Hotel is a jigsaw puzzle missing its box.”

New Yorker said, “Mandel’s gift is to weave realism out of extremity. She plants her flag where the ordinary and the astonishing meet, where everyday people pause to wonder how, exactly, it came to this. She is our bard of waking up in the wrong time line.”

The Book has all the positive reviews which the reader may like read and increase their state of mind.

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