Falcon and the winter soldier
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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier would be the latest addition to the Marvel Franchise after it’s release.
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is an upcoming web television miniseries made in America. The series is being created for Disney+ . And, the show creator is Malcolm Spellman. The action superhero series is based on the Marvels comics character Sam Wilson aka Falcon and Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier. The miniseries is set in the humongous Marvel Cinematic Universe. And, is in continuity with the other films of the highly successful franchise. The producer is Marvel Studios . And, the head writer is Malcolm Spellman . The series is being directed by Kari Skogland.

The announcement of the miniseries was done in April 2019. Also, Mackie and Stan were involved with the whole announcement and confirmation thing . The initial shooting began in Atlanta, Georgia in the October of 2019. Then, they shifted to the Czech Republic in early March, 2020. Soon after, the production was suspended in view of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Falcon and the winter soldier

But, now the prospects seem bright and on the sunnier side. The productions are expected to resume in the August of 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. Subsequently, they would shoot in the Czech Republic.

AIR date of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The Marvel miniseries is set to release in August of 2020. It would consist of six episodes. This miniseries would mark the first in Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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What is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier all about?

In the conclusion, Avengers Endgame (2019) Sam Wilson was handed the mantle of Captain America . He teams up with Bucky Barnes . And, together they set out on a worldwide adventure that tests their abilities .


Falcon and the winter soldier


Anthony Mackie plays the role of Sam Wilson aka Falcon. Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier is played by Sebastian Stan. Emily VanCamp plays Sharon Carter. Daniel Brühl starrs in the role of Barun Helmut Zemo.

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