The Dragon Prince season 4
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Dragons have always been a part of fantasy stories, be it novels, anime, web series or movies. Its simply because we dragons are so fascinating. And of course, magic especially, dark magic which brings to us a whole new perspective of spells and secrets. The Dragon Prince is one such web series which already has a steady fandom. It has been a while since the first episode of The Dragon Prince aired, so why not have a quick recap.

The Dragon Prince season 1 plot

Prince Ezran, his half brother Callum and the assassin elf Rayla are out on a voyage to return the dragon egg to his mother. To restore peace to all the five kingdoms is the ultimate mission. King Harrow is dead, the reason for which is unknown to Ezran and Callum. Rayla, however, is aware of the truth and is keeping the secret.

The dragon prince

Viren’s true face has been revealed (which is all funky). The only witness to this scene is Gren. Callum sacrificed the primal stone, which was the only source of his magic, to save the life of the dragon egg. Now, he is devoid of any magical ability.

The Dragon Prince, Zym is no longer an egg and has hatched into a baby dragon. Ezran already had love for animals and hence Zym is attached to him deeply.
Besides tracking down and returning the missing princes to Katolis, Claudia and Soren have their secret missions.
Viren took a mirror from the lair of the dragon king. The mystery of that mirror is yet to be disclosed.

The dragon prince

The Dragon Prince season 2 plot

The Dragon Prince, Zym had his first ever flight with the help of Ezran. Ezran’s love and affection for Zym might be the reason for his psychic connection with Zym. The trio, Callum, Ezran and Rayla enter Xadia.

The Humans were successful in stealing the Titan’s heart. However, a lot of bilateral damage accompanied it.
The introduction of the wicked and mysterious Starelf, Aaravos has built the curiosity and suspense. Can he be trusted? That is for the latter part.
The trio crosses the path and is ready to face-off the monstrous, Sol Regem.

The dragon prince

The Dragon Prince season 3 plot

Season 3 has some good news. Zym has been returned to his mother, the Dragon Queen, Zubeia. Viren’s army has been defeated very badly at the Storm Spire. Aaravos is up to something, but what?
He is undergoing metamorphosis to transform his body. Will he come out to be more powerful? Or maybe not! Claudia resurrected her father, Viren from death and now they are waiting for Aaravos to take up his new form.

The Dragon Prince season 4 plot predictions

We do not have any confirmed release date as of now. However, we can expect it anytime soon. For more information regarding the plot, cast etc you can read more of our article – The Dragon Prince Season 3: important updates you need to know

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