The Dragon Prince season 4
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It has been almost seven months since we got the 9 episodes of season 3 of The Dragon Prince. Time has flown by and it’s definitely time to dig deep. And find out if there’s any news surrounding The Dragon Prince season 4.

The Dragon Prince is an animated series, premiered in the month of September, 2018. The web series has released three seasons with 27 episodes till date. The credit of creating the show goes to Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond. One can enjoy multiple genres in the show like fantasy, adventure, action, comedy and drama. 

The storyline revolves around the magical land, Xadia and the five human kingdoms that are on the edge of a war. Prince Ezran, his half-brother Callum and the assassin elf Rayla come together to overcome dark magic and restore peace to the world.  

Release date: When to expect The Dragon Prince season 4?

As of now the official release date of The Dragon Prince season 4 is not finalised. Neither Netflix nor the creators have announced plans for the next season. However, we expect season 4 to release anytime soon.

Why season 4?

The Dragon Prince season 4 is certain to happen as the season 3 had a cliff-hanger ending with the fans having high expectations. At San Diego Comic Con, The Dragon Prince team revealed the strategies for season 4 and 5. Nevertheless the official announcement is yet to come.

Season 3: The most exhilarating finale!

By the end of season 3 the fellowship of the dragon egg were successful in their mission. Zym came back to his mother, the sky dragon Zubeia.

The queen of the dragons has her child back and her reaction to the humans and elves united in her chamber had a hopeful tone.

Aravos had initiated the metamorphosis of a new body with help of the dragon egg’s essence.

Viren and his army had lost the battle at the Storm Spire.

Plot predictions: What next?

  • Tensions between humans and elves 

Although Zym has come back to his mother, Zubeia, the old wounds and centuries of distrust and prejudice on both sides will be difficult to overcome.

We may see a meeting between the leadership of the elves and the dragons of Xadia and the remaining royalty of the human kingdom as they discuss a path forward and a cease to hostilities. It is going to be interesting to see just how the events and machinations of certain key players affects this.

  • Aravos’ metamorphosis 

Aravos survived the fall and is changing into a new physical form. The Startouch elf may have gained enough power from his brief absorption of Zym’s primal essence to pupate into a more suitable form.

It can be speculated that he won’t regain his true Startouch elf body but will instead be something that is more insect like, keeping certain elements from his bug pal form.

Or perhaps he will turn into a beautiful butterfly. What if when he emerges, he tells Claudia and Viren “this isn’t even my final form!”: ) 

  • Callum’s mage training

By now Callum has proven to be a capable mage, and has a connection with the sky arcanum. It is expected that we’ll see Callum pick up a few new spells and undergo some more formal training.

Where to nurture his developing primal connection than at the Storm Spire, the sky nexus itself?

Callum may receive some tutelage from the Skywing elf, Ibis during his time at the Spire.

  • The new archdragon  

Over the course of the previous three seasons, we were familiar with the archdragons of two primal sources.

Sol Regem, the archdragon of the sun, now blinded and bitter and Avizandum, the archdragon of sky, now a lifeless relic of cracked and crumbling stone.

The Dragon Prince season 4 may see the introduction of one or more of the archdragons for the remaining four primal sources. We may not see all of them but there’s one that will be likely to make an appearance: the archdragon of earth, Rex Igneous.

Why is The Dragon Prince season 4 getting delayed?

The Dragon Prince season 4 may face problems due to the resignation of Dannika Harrod, the head of Wonderstorm (the production studio). It was on account of misogynistic behaviour within the studio. Moreover, few technical issues may also cause a barrier.  

Trailer: The intuitions 

The trailer of The Dragon Prince season 4 may be anticipated to get released few months before the launch of the season. Because the same has been noticed for the previous seasons. No official trailer launch date has been announced yet.

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