The doors of stone
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The Doors of Stone is the final book of The Kingkiller Chronicle. The Kingkiller Chronicle is straight out of the writer’s imagination. It is a fantasy series . The writer is Patrick Rothfuss. The story builds up gradually about Kvothe. Kvothe is an adventurer and a musician. In totality, the story is in first person. As Kvothe narrates his story to a scribe.

The first novel of The Kingkiller Chronicle is The Name of the Wind. It was released in 2007. Subsequently, the second book of the trilogy was released in 2011. And, it was named The Wise Man’s Fear.

The doors of stone

The trilogy has collectively sold over 10 million copies. And is still in the process. As a result , the third book of the fantasy chronicle is much awaited. The third book is called The Doors of Stone. It is yet to be released.

The storyline follows two time periods. The present in which Kvothe narrates his entire life story to a man named Chronicler in the Waystone Inn. And, then there is Kvothe’s past which constitutes most part of the first two books of the trilogy. The present day narrative is in the third person as seen and perceived by multiple characters. Simultaneously, Kvothe’s present is told in first person from his own perspective.
Another speciality is that there are many metafictional stories within stories which are from different perspectives. 

The doors of stone

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The Doors of Stone is the final book of the trilogy. It has not yet been released.
The writer Rothfuss is very particular about his books. And, only wants to deliver the best results. He often revises his books, cuts them, adds characters and then edits them again. So, overall it is a Herculean task what he does. Also, he has been open about Depression, family problems and everything. So, we cannot expect everything from a writer. Afterall, he is a creative man who must be in a good mind space to write a gripping story.

Rumours of The Doors of Stone release date have repeatedly surfaced. But, none are true. There is no official release date of The Doors of Stone yet. We hope it would come out soon. 

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