Super Crooks
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The last heist, one final score, in the land of bullfighting and everyone can retire and become extremely rich. That’s what Supercrooks is all about. Johnny Bolts leads a team of retired super powered thieves for the big fat robbery. They have to head to Spain and that’s where the things go tricky. Published in 2012, this comic written by Mark Millar and Leinel Yu is all set to be adapted into an anime series on Netflix. And here we are with everything we know so far.

The official announcement

Netflix officially announced on twitter that Supercrooks will be seen as an anime series soon on its platform. It has been revealed that Supercrooks will be produced by Bones, the same studio credited for the blockbuster anime series, Fullmetal Alchemist being one of them.


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Release date

So far there has not been any revelation of the release dates. We will have to wait until the official announcements.

Characters of the original Supercrooks

  • The Ghost- World’s greatest cat burglar now an architect
  • The Heat- An elderly super villain who used a flame gun to commit crimes
  • TK McCabe- A telekinetic super villain
  • Forecast- A super villain who can control the weather with his mind
  • Johnny Bolt- The criminal mastermind. Uses electric power to commit crimes
  • Praetorian- A super hero. Later became Bastard’s security head
    Kasey- Johnny Bolt’s ex-girlfriend

  • Roddy Diesel- A former super villain who can regenerate a part of his body
  • Sammy Diesel- Brother of Roddy Diesel. Has same powers as his brother
  • The Gladiator- A super hero with great strength
  • The Bastard- World’s greatest super villain who is now retired

We’ll be back with more information regarding the release date and all. Stay tuned with Trending Tattle for more such information. 

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