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“Vo Stree hai, kuch bhi kar sakti hai!” Wapas bhi aa sakti hai? The answer is yes. The 2018 movie, Stree emerged to become a commercial success. Based on true events on the legends of Nale Ba in Karnataka in 1990’s, this horror comedy was also liked by the critics. A sequel, Stree 2, is under the process of making and will soon hit the screens.


Stree had a befitting cast which made the film even more amazing. The core cast is expected to return in Stree 2. The original cast includes,

  • Rajkumar Rao
  • Shraddha Kapoor
  • Pankaj Tripathi
  • Aparshakti Khurana
  • Abhishek Banerjee

There are even chances of new characters to appear in Stree 2 as the script is not yet confirmed.

Release date

No release date has been announced by the makers. Maybe we could get the updates the next year about the release dates and more.

Stree 2

Why Stree 2?

The ending scene of Stree itself points towards a story to be continued. As said by the makers, the scene was deliberately left open for continuation. Further, the success of the film, both commercially and critically is another reason for a sequel.

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The producer Dinesh Vijan had confirmed that Stree 2 is under the process of making. The writers have started working on the script and they have few new ideas on it. They also said that the expectations are higher this time because of the excellence of the first film and hence the team is working hard on the project.

Stree 2 will start from where the first film, Stree ended. Since the storyline will be a continuation, the cast members of the first film will return, especially the core cast members.

What is Stree all about?

The story is set in a small town, Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh. A female evil spirit appears only at the time of the festival and kidnaps men. The film is a deeper context with feminism and delivers a social message. A perfect blend of comedy, horror and satire.

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