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Splatoon is a video game series popular among kids. It is a third person shooter video game franchise . Been developed and published by Nintendo,it features fictional, anthropomorphic ,cephalopodic characters called Inklings or Octolings. Because they are based on squids and octopi respectively. Moreover, they are designed to transform between humanoid and cephalopid forms at will. They always have fights going on among them.


When they are in humanoid form, they can produce and shoot coloured ink which acts as weapons. While, they are in cephalopodic form , inklings can swim and hide in surfaces covered in their own coloured ink.
The first game was released in May 2015. And, the second game was released in July 2017. This gaming series has recieved a lot of positive response for its style, gameplay mechanics and soundtrack. It has sold over 15 million copies. Moreover, it has won several accolades . It has established its own esports tournament circuits . In addition to that, it has manga series, anime series and even music concerts in Japan. 


Splatoon 3 is going to rock the gaming world. And, they are going to introduce two new idol classes – Growing Tide and Radio- Octave. 

Release date of Splatoon 3 

No release date has yet been declared by the developers of the game. However, we are expecting the game to be released by the  end of  the Fall of 2020. 


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Gameplay and Storyline

We can expect some major changes in the gameplay  of Splatoon 3. Most likely, it will allow the gamer to use Echo location at any pipoi of time in the game. New lethal weapons are going to be added. The arsenal is comprised of Shooters, Blasters,Rollers,Brushes, Slashes and Bellas. A lot of user interface changes are going to be introduced. The camera angle also might be changed and it would be innovative. 


Overall, Splatoon 3 will be fun, adventurous and thrilling. 

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