Solo Leveling season 2
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Fighting demons and unearthly creatures with least available sources, how is that possible? Solo Leveling is the show that tells you how it’s done.
Season 1 is over and now fans are waiting for Solo Leveling season 2 updates regarding the release dates. The wait is over guys and we are here with all the updates that are available till date, in one single go.

Release date

There has not been any confirmation regarding the release dates of Solo Leveling season 2 till now. The COVID-19 outbreak may have pushed the dates further. 2021 could be the year you are waiting for.

Solo leveling

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Cast of Solo Leveling season 2

There is absolutely no reason why the cast of season 1 shall not return. Some of them include,

  • Park Hee-Jin
  • Hwang Chi-Yeul
  • Jo Byung-Gyu
  • Move Joon-Hee

Solo leveling

However, nothing has been confirmed by the team. Several new characters might also appear in the upcoming season.

Plot of Solo Leveling season 2

One thing is certain that Solo Leveling season 2 is going to follow up from where season 1 left us. There are a lot of things that have not reached the conclusion yet and we might see that happening this season.

The very first plot that was left incomplete in the first season was the search of Jin Woo’s father. That storyline will continue and we will see how he finds his father and what all challenges he will have to face on his path. Several other hurdles and monsters await Jin Woo on his journey.

Why season 2?

We are quite sure that we will be having a season 2 of Solo Leveling for obvious reasons. The first season left us on a cliff-hanger ending which needs to be continued.

We saw Jin Woo entering a new gate, which to our amazement turned red. This was a clear indication of something wrong that was going to happen, rather the unseen dangers in his path.
Solo Leveling season2 is going to pick up from this point and what happens further can only be seen in its episodes.

Details taken from : Gizmo Blaze

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