rain on me
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Rains are an artist’s dream background setting. They are the inspiration for the artistic minds. Moreover, singers, musicians, writers and other people of creative genre often use rain to express their emotions and pour their hearts out. And they do so to invoke the spiritual vibe inside you, or a hope to wash away the pain, or as a sex song. While most commonly it is used in love songs. “Rain on me” is a song that somehow tries to cover all these aspects . In addition, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s ultimate duo in ” Rain on me” is everything that you can expect out of two pop singers.

Rain on me


“Rain on me” music video is a feast to the ears

“Rain on me” is the new single in Chromatica which is the sixth studio album of American pop singer Lady Gaga. And she announced the release of the song on Twitter by writing to the fans to wake up and get some coffee to get over the hangover if they were awake “THE WHOLE NIGHT DRINKING WINE ON CALLS W UR FRIENDS LISTENING TO #RainOnMe BECAUSE THE VIDEO IS OUT.” 

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Lady Gaga teams up with Ariana Grande

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande has produced awesome beats together in the album ” Rain on me”. In addition to the great music, the music video is also good. Along with the rain drops, knives keep falling from the sky. One knife lodges itself into Gaga’s leg. And it remains there almost throughout the song. Initially, Gaga and Grande dance separately. Gaga in pink costume. And Ariana in her signature ponytail. Then, they come to dance together. The lyrics symbolise the battle with the pain. Lyrics sticks with you. And you can totally relate to it in such critical times.

Rain on meRain on me

It seems that both the singers have poured their heart out in the song. And it makes you want to groove to the beats and lyrics. Do hear it and wash away your agony.

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