pubg vs call of duty
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Games are a refreshing mode of entertainment and leisure. Games are interactive and we are forced to put our minds to use. They lighten our mood and are super fun. Games can be classified into two types – Indoors and Outdoors. In today’s scenario online games such as Pubg and Call of Duty have a big fan following and kids , not kids actually but every gaming freak is crazy over these games. Outdoor games have become a luxury in this Coronavirus pandemic and a big no no.

PUBG: Online games such as Pubg and Call of Duty are in trend and totally ruling the gaming world. These gaming apps can be evidently seen on the mobile phones of every other teenage kid and gaming lover. There are so many games in the market such as Clash of Clans, Temple Run and many more. But, Pubg and Call of Duty are ruling the charts and breaking the internet with their popularity. So, what makes these games unique and special? Why are gamers attracted towards these games on a massive scale ? Let’s know more. 

Pubg stands for Player Unknowns Battlegrounds. Pubg Mobile was released two years back on 9th February 2018. The developer is Pubg Corporation and the publishers are Tencent Games and VNG Game publishing. This is a Battle Royale Game.

Pubg vs call of duty

Call of Duty: Mobile is a shooter video game that is free to play. Development of the game is done by TiMi Studios . The publishers of the video game are Activision and Garena for Android and iOS. The game was launched on 1st of  October, the previous year. Call of Duty: Mobile has had one of the largest mobile game launches in the history of the gaming world. There have been 250 million downloads by the June of 2020. Similar to pubg this too is a Battle Royale Game.

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Pubg vs Call of Duty – who wins the battle? 

Now, what are the differences and similarities between these two widely known and most downloaded games.

Pubg Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile are two games that give an adrenaline rush to the gamers and give an intense combat. Both of them have different gameplay modes. These are multiplayer games. Both these games became popular in no time. Here we are going to discuss their features so that you can choose better. Eventually, the choice is yours.

In both these games, the players drop from the plane and then get ready for combat on the battlefield. In both the games, the zones shrink with time and the player has to be the last one standing. Pubg Mobile has a conventional gaming style and features that everyone can pick up easily while Call of Duty Mobile has complex and advanced features that takes time to be grasped and understood.

Pubg vs call of duty

Call of Duty Mobile has six default cases. Here, one player can be the defender and shield and protect the team. Then, there can be a medic who can set a healing station in a heavy gunfire. Cod also has the features of customisable call outs between team members and enemies. This gives a more engaging experience.
Call of Duty is in the third person mode and isn’t much smooth.

But, Pubg gives a better gameplay mode. Weaponry in both the games is to the point. Pubg Mobile gives you the benefit of hitting all your shots from a distance. But,Cod does not give this chance. In Cod snipers have to be used at a sir of 400 metres range and the use of other weapons is restricted. Cod gives a more realistic game play experience than Pubg on the basis of weapon physics.

Now, when we talk about the maps in both these games, Pubg gives really new and large gaming maps. These are #Erangel, #Miramar, # Sanhok and #Vikendi.
In Call of Duty Mobile there is only one map which may be monotonous and boring for the players. There is more danger in it. The developers realised this and made the map so damn interesting that it is one of the best maps in a Battle Royale Game.

Talking about Speed of Gameplay, Pubg is obviously more slow paced than Call of Duty Mobile. In Pubg for a considerable length of time, nothing occurs. Only when the areas shrink, the game catches speed. On the other hand, Call of Duty Mobile is a fast paced game from the beginning.

Almost all the features have been discussed here. Eventually, you have to decide the game you want to play.

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