Pirates of carribbean
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Will we see our favorite Captain Jack Sparrow with all his eccentricities in Pirates Of The Caribbean 6? After the worldwide success of the first five movies, the Pirates Of The Caribbean are back to cause trouble again. However there are rumours surrounding the sixth movie about the character played by Johnny Depp.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 6: Release date

Is the release cancelled!?

The release is scheduled not long from now. Rest assured. The producers had anticipated a 2020 launch of the film. But due to some difficulties it is expected to be delayed. Screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick’s departure forced the producers to push its launch.

Consequently, the movie had to be started from scratch. Moreover, the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has forced down any ongoing production works.

Despite these delays, the movie is expected to grace our screens in the autumn of 2021. Fingers crossed mates. Savvy?

Pirates of carribbean

Whom can you expect this time?

Although the role of Johnny Depp as the frivolous Captain Jack Sparrow is still under consideration, we know that Sparrow is Wanted by the audience as well as naval officers. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer said that he is unsure about the role of Jonhnny Depp. Apart from this, we expect many familiar faces to return. The amazingly beautiful Keira Knightley will be back as Elizabeth Swann. Orlando Bloom will play William Turner.

Brenton Thwaites and Kaya Scodelario will be back to play Henry Turner and Carina Barbossa respectively. Kevin McNally will be there as Joshamee Gibbs. Moreover the last movie also hinted the return of Bill Nighy as Davy Jones.

Pirates of carribbean

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The plot of Pirates Of The Caribbean 6

As of now nothing has been revealed about the story of Pirates Of The Caribbean 6. Even the title of the movie has not been revealed to allow any guesses. However, we strongly suspect that the movie will follow leads from the previous movie.

In the previous movies of the series we saw the seafaring scoundrel Jack Sparrow escaping from the captivity of naval officers with the help of Henry Turner. They join hands with Carina Barbossa who turns out to be the daughter of another pirate Captain Barbossa. They are hunting for the Trident of the which supposedly breaks all the curses at the sea.

Pirates of carribbean

An army of dead men lead by dead Spanish captain Salazar is hunting for Jack Sparrow to avenge their death. The movie includes a lot of action at sea and fun on land with a romantic ending when Henry marries Carina. Elizabeth and William are reunited after the curse breaks.

But, William has a nightmare in which Davy Jones returns to take his revenge.

The sixth movie might delve deeper into William’s nightmare. Jones is bent upon taking his revenge against Turner’s family. We also speculate the introduction of another female protagonist. We also expect the sixth movie to be the last of the series.

Pirates of carribbean

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