Overload season 4
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Overlord is an anime series . It is completely action packed and thrilling. The anime series was adapted for television by Madhouse for 3 seasons. And, 13 episodes in each season. The first season aired from July 7 to September 29,2015. The second season premiered on January 9,2018 . And, it lasted till April 3,2018. Moreover, the third season released in the same year. The third season premiered on July 10,2018 . Eventually, the last episode of the season aired on October 2, 2018. Overlord Season 4 is on its way. And, fans are eagerly waiting for the fourth season.

Release date of Overlord Season 4

No release date has been finalised for the show yet. But, we expect Overlord Season 4 to hit the screens latest by 2021. The series has faced some changes. Despite all odds, fans are hopeful about the fourth season release. They expect that the disputes will settle. And, the glitches to be paid. Overall, the fans are waiting . And we want Overlord Season 4 to come back soon.
Storyline of the anime and What can you expect out of Overlord Season 4? 

The story focuses on a boy who plays with dreadful jobs. Through the eyes of the society, he is seen as a good guy. His name is Suzuki Satoru. But, he adds two more names which are Momonga . Subsequently, he is known as Ainz Ooal Gown.

The framework keeps on changing with the story . In it, the top individual is moved into an unknown game realm. The realm also had a caption, YGGDRASIL. However, portals of the game is close now. His character got more proficiency. Subsequently, after buying the strengths, he decides to invest his energy for the benefit of the civilisation.
The series is taken from the novel’s 12th publication. The outcome might be a bit different and off track.

In totality, season 4 would be a treat to the fans of the anime series. It is going to be great . Stay tuned for more updates .

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