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The ever strong Saitama returns with One Punch Man Season 3. One Punch Man has garnered great viewership as one the most popular superhero shows. Developed by Madhouse and directed  by Shingo Natsume (Season 1) and Chikara Sakurai (Season 2), it is a Japanese anime web series that, like most other anime shows, has been adapted from a comic book of the same name.

The show is hailed as one of the best manga of all times and is crtically acclaimed for its screenplay and scripting. Luckily for the fans of the One Punch Man, the series has been renewed for a third season. With this news we are here to get you some details about One Punch Man Season 3.

One punch man season 3

One Punch Man Season 3: Plot

The series follows the story of our superhero Saitama who accomplishes heroic deeds by meddling with the vicious villains and and saving the Earth from their attack. His strength is unbeatable as he can defeat any enemy with just a single punch. This way, he keeps on looking for a worthy opponent so that he does not get uninterested.

The second season of One Punch Man was loosely based around Garou and his choices. Garou believed that people wanted to be heroes to affirm authority that, according to Garou, could be better achieved as a villain.

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One Punch Man Season 3 will soon see the continuation of Garou’s arc. It could reveal why Saitama was chosen by Garou. Besides this, it could delve deeper into the childhood and bring out some romance in Saitama’s life. The season might also bring to fore youth flashbacks out of Saitama’s and Garou’s lives. Fans also need some information about the highest ranked hero “Blast” and the link between Genos and Metal Knight.

In the previous season Saitama defeated the King portraying an alliance between the Dragon Association and Garou. Fans are anxious about what will happen when Garou joins forces with the Dragon Organisation. Also we can expect some new heroes to join.

One Punch Man Season 3: Release date

After the firts season of the anime hit the screens, it became an immediate success and craze among anime lovers. The first season originally aired until December 21, 2015. However, its English variant was aired from July 16, 2016 until October 8, 2016 in the USA.

Noticing the rising popularity of the season one of the anime, the creators decided to renew the series for a second season which aired from July till April 2019. The third season is expected to roll out later this year. But the pandemic will result in some significant delay in the release. This makes us expect One Punch Man Season 3 no sooner than early 2021. As of now, nothing has been officially confirmed. Stay tuned with us to be updated.

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