Never Say Never
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“Never Say Never” is the first novel penned by Anjali kirpalani. She is talented working woman with hands in Business management, TV Reporting, Print Journalism, Voice-over artist, Radio-Jockey and now a writer. Currently she works in ET now.

It is an interesting genre filled with romance, dreams, expectations and wonder girl.

The plot starts with an unemployed 25 yr old girl Nikita who lives with her friend in Mumbai, India. Her fiancé is RJ Raghav Shetty who is deeply in love with her. She is a sweet bubbly girl with amazing excitement and jolly nature.

She is confused about her job life, personal life as if this is not enough that she is dating her friend’s Boyfriend Deepak. Though she has a fiancé her love towards him shatters the ticks of clock.

On the night of her cousin’s wedding, she wants to make a lot of commitments to her. She prepares a list of things she would be going to do. Never marry for money. Never doubt her abilities. Never have feelings for unavailable man. Never get completely drunk in public and never wear velvet. But life do rarely works our plans.

Never say never
Never Say Never book reading at Crossword Kemps Corner…


The plot of Never say Never moves around the western locale of Mumbai. The settings blends with the twist and turns of life of a girl in city. Her experience, emotions and tension in professional life gives a perfect plot for today’s generation in twenties to read.

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Whether it’s the main character or the subordinate the description and roles are well explained in the Book. I feel truly in love with the book being in my twenties.


The writer of Never say Never, Anjali Kirpalani has used simple grammar and English so that the readers find no trouble reading between the lines. The pace of book is maintained constant with a little decrement at the middle.

If you consider my prospective towards the book. I loved it, reading the genre which generally a man in twenties would love to.

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