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Ultras 2020 was released on Netflix on 9th March, 2020. Trailer for the movie created a great hype among the fans and they were eagerly waiting for it. Here’s what you can expect from the movie.

Director: Francesco Lettieri

Cast: Aniello Arena, Antonio Truppo, Ciro Nacca

The storyline of Ultras 2020

“Honor the banned!”

Based on the ruthless and violent, yet popular among youngsters, world of ultras (the Italian term for ‘soccer hooligans’) Franceso Lettieri’s ULTRAS 2020 follows an intriguing storyline of an aging ultra. Sandro (Aniello Arena) is the leader of Naples FC’s ultras, the Apaches. He is the guy who is always ready to crack a skull. Flaunting his sleeveless denim jacket, he tools around on a motorcycle (just so typical). Because of the violence he is banned from entering the stadium and must report to the police station during every game to prove that he is not out there creating a kerfuffle.

Ultras 2020

As age steps in, Sandro gets weary of the way of his life and seeks meaning and love. Sandro meets a younger woman Terry (Antonia Truppo) at a bathhouse and their relationship lasts longer than a one-night stand. This makes Sandro envision a different future for himself. Sandro is also trying to mentor sixteen-year-old Angelo (Ciro Nacca) who is developing interest in the Apaches despite the death of his older brother and Apache in a similar riot.

As the championship season is approaching, the main competitors of the Napoli Apaches, the Rome FC ultras are at large and the younger Apaches are unhappy with Sandro due to a disagreement over a banner, (I mean that’s really stupid), and the air starts reeking of rebellion. Disobeying Sandro’s explicit orders, a faction of the younger Apaches marches down the streets of Rome chanting, “Honor the banned”. Will the hooligans bite themselves and will Sandro choose a life of love and responsibility over a life of mad street-strifes and a futile fraternity? Well that is for you to discover.

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What to expect

If you are the one with a passionate sports fervor then ULTRAS 2020 might be a great story for you, but if you are not then it might look like the most unlikely concoction of love, passion, drama and a few one-night stands.

Ultras 2020

The characters are often involved in adrenaline-filled extracurricular blood-sport and we can see many beaming faces with tattooed skin and most unusual hairstyles, drinking and praising their brotherhood and planning mischief on the streets.

The content quality

The movie clearly depicts Lettieri’s skillful presentation of the change of heart of a brute. In addition to this, his ambitious direction and impeccably thoughtful approach to a controversial topic are laudable. However, ULTRAS failed to deliver anything out of the usual and the screenplay often gets too slow. Predictability downgrades the movie to some extent.  

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