Near dark
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Brad Thor is an American thriller novelist. He is the author of many wonderful piece of writings. He is the author of “Lions of Lucerne”, The first Commandant and the upcoming Near Dark. This charismatic look could easily make him work in Hollywood with an action mind.

Near dark
Brad Thor


“Fast-paced…pulse-pounding…supremely entertaining…His best ever.”-The Washington Times.

“He’s basically just this slow-motion train wreck. Readers have never seen him like this.”

Havarth Scot is a broken man who has suffered various consequences of life losing his wife, his mentor and a close friend. He turned around several places to let the stones settle of his life. He had a great masculine sculpted body which slowly deteriorated due to alcoholism. There to upright his thirst of whiskey he went to a bar and had no interest to take upon the fight of two thugs with the former Navy SEAL turned counter terrorism operative.

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Moreover he has cut all his connection with his batchmates. His body showed the sign of his feelings which anyone could even guess. Half-drunk full with anger and anxiety Havarth decides to teach the goons the lessons they demanded in the situation. But this filmy scene was half way turned off because his colleagues pulled him and reminded him of the contract he made in the dark web and fed out through a network of Assassins.

Near dark

As the time turns, someone has declared the bounty on Havarth to put his head on the silver plate. The Bounty hunters are ready to serve their wealth and their axes sharpened to tear the flesh of Scot. Scot thinks to work as he does flipping the scripts on people pursuing him before the clock gives the last tick of his life. He needs to settle down his contract as early as possible before anyone else finishes the bounty hunt.

As the times moves in the novel, one wrong move can be fatal for him and his colleagues. Brad Thor in this book, gives his best as the Backlash. The readers are gonna enjoy Near Dark and the full typical action and thrill in it. This is enough for them to make go mad about it!!!

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