Monster legends
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It has not been long since Dragon City became a popular game in everyone’s mobile phones. And now SocialPoint’s back with another addicting creation, Monster Legends. Monster Legends has already crossed 50 million downloads on Google Playstore and is receiving excellent user reviews.¬†Monster Legends is a monster breeding and collection game. It also includes also includes PvP battles in the arena. However you can also team up with your friends to enter into team battles. Breed, feed and train Legendary, Epic monsters in this fighting game.

Build your unique army of magical beasts and face the ultimate real-time challenges to rise up to the throne of the best Monster Master out there. Collect over 600 unique monsters with new monsters added every week. Use your creativity to breed monsters of different elements to create rare new species.

Monster legends

Monster Legends review

Most of the users of Monster Legends have loved the game for its sheer simplicity yet exciting features. The best thing about the game is that it is utterly easy to play and equally enjoyable. It is the one among the best PvP games. There are no rigid or complex rules that you need to know before playing. When you start playing you are assisted by Pandalf who will guide you through your initial levels.

The PvP feature is offers single player battles as well as team battles. You can form your own teams with your friends and build your strategies in team chats. Defeat bosses as you proceed in the game. The game keeps on adding new monsters and improves each week. It can be downloaded for free and doesn’t require any in-app purchases to start playing the game. However, you can still buy gems, food, eggs and other things once you start playing the game.

Monster legends


Gameplay Strategy for Monster Legends

Prioritize Elements and know the abilities accurately

The priority in which you choose your elements determines the outcome of a battle. You must keep in mind the game algorithm during team building as well as defensive strategies. However, you get well informed about all this in the beginning of the game.

For a proper building a proper team, go for a mix and match strategy. Primary habitat’s power needs to be unlocked first. You can know what essential skill a monster possesses by clicking on the monster. This helps you understand what skills need to be unlocked. Always look for different skill combinations. This does not imply, in any way, that you keep on breeding and feeding monsters. The real fun begins when you participate in battles.

Monster legends

Master breeding and feeding

There are four elements in Monster Legends, namely: fire, water, earth and nature. The perfect monsters are the result of thoughtful breeding of monsters of different elements. You need to be clear about your needs and categorically choose those monsters whose combination can give you the desired species. An army equipped with various mixtures of monsters gives an edge over other players.

Feeding your monsters is equally essential. Your food supplies should always be enough to meet the requirements of your strong monsters. As your level increases you will be able to grow greater variety of plants. Feeding your monsters unlocks new abilities and upgrades them.

Monster legends

Complete daily tasks and unlock buildings

At a lower level when you are not sure about your strategy then completing daily tasks is the best strategy. It gives you a goal-oriented game experience. Completing daily tasks keeps you engaged and also rewards you. If you are lucky you might also get gems as rewards.

Build a Monster Paradise with everything you need including a Breeding Mountain, Habitats, Temples and more. Unlock special buildings in the islands, like the Library, the Ultra Breeding Tree, the Temples of the Guardians and the Monster Lab.

Monster legends

Prioritize the way you spend gems

Gems are the most potent currency in the game and should be used after a lot of consideration. Never use gems to complete daily tasks. Always save gems to get a legendary monster instead of using them for petty errands. You can clear meteorites for having the chance of earning more gems. Linking your game with facebook also rewards you with a lot of gems and rare monster eggs.

Monster legends

Keeping in mind these easy hacks you can easily rise higher in the list.

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