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Details about the novel, Me Before You. So give a look before you start reading it… 

Novels are an amazing source of experiencing things. And, romantic novels are especially adorable and lovable since they take you on a journey of love if you haven’t already fallen in love or they take you down the memory lane reminding you of your own fairy tale romance. Even if it is not a fairy tale romance, love stories make you remember the little and sweet things of your own ‘Mi Amor’ .

One such romantic novel is Me Before You by the just amazing writer JoJo Moyes. The book was first published in the United Kingdom on 5th January 2012. The genre of the book is Romantic Fiction. When the book was released in 2012, it was an immense success. A movie was made on the book starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin.

The Me Before You movie was an absolute pleasure and stole the hearts of billions around the globe. Another installment in the series is titled After You and was released on 29 September 2015 through Pamela Dorman Books. The final book in the series was Still Me. And, it was released in January 2018.

Plot of the book Me Before You
Louisa Clark is a twenty six year old woman who lives in a small, quiet little town of England which has only a castle that keeps the place alive; with her family. Her family includes her mother, father, grandfather, her younger, divorced, intelligent sister Treena and her sister’s little son.

Me before you

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She works in a café. But, her employment status changes unexpectedly when the café owner decides to sell the place and return to his native country Australia. She applies in the Job Centre and is given the job of caring for Will Traynor who is a young, successful, wealthy, quadriplegic man. He had always not been like this. He had met with a tragic accident with a motorbike while on foot , some two years back. Will’s mother, Camilla hires Louisa in hope that she can revive his spirits.

Nathan is another helper who takes care of Will’s medical needs. Steven is Will’s father who has a tense relationship with Camilla. Louisa enters into Will’s life. Initially, Will is all haughty and rude. But, Louisa, the girl with a peculiar dressing style who loves bumblebee tights, lights up Will’s world. Louisa had a long time boyfriend Patrick for seven years. But, her closeness to Will leads her to break ties and there are several other reasons too for her breaking up with her long time boyfriend.

In his previous life, Will had been a person filled with wanderlust and an adventurous zeal. He suffers a major blow when Will’s ex- girlfriend Alicia and his best friend Rupert decide to tie the knot and invite him for their wedding. Will and Louisa go for the wedding, they flirt and dance. And, it is there that Will says the heart melting lines to Louisa ” You are pretty much the only thing that makes me want to get up in the morning.”

Louisa comes to know how Will had tried to take his life and the deal between Camilla and Will as per which Will has decided to live 6 months more for her mother and after that, he would go to Dignitas, a Swiss based assisted suicide organisation. Camilla wants to change his mind to make him see his life is worth living and make him live longer.
Louisa gets to know about this deal.

She plans a vacation for Will along with Treena and others. But, he catches pneumonia and the plan dissolves. Later, they go to Mauritius where Louisa confronts her love for Will. But, he says that he doesn’t want to live any more. She storms off and does not talk to him for the rest of the stay. Will goes off to Dignitas and she follows him . He dies and leaves her with his wealth for her further education and life.

The story ends with Louisa in a café in Paris which was the favourite of Will. She reads a letter by Will. He tells her to live on the edge, live fully and live well. The romantic tale ends here.

Me Before You is a heart-warming piece of work that makes you smile and cry at the same time. Will and Louisa are scored on the hearts of the readers. And, especially the last scene where Louisa reads the letter makes you teary eyed.
The movie adaptation does justice to the novel. Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin totally fit the parts.
Do read the book and get engrossed in the bittersweet romance.

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