Love Island season 2
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After the instant hit of Love Island UK, American released its own adaptation of Love Island . Also called Love Island USA outside of the United States.
Love Island is a reality show, precisely a dating reality show.

The release of the series was declared on 8th of August,2018 by CBS. And, it was commissioned on the same date and day. The dating reality show premiered on July 9,2019 on CBS.

Love island season 2

In Love Island, young men and women participate. Few in search of true love, few for friendship and some definitely only for winning the prize money. So, in the show the contestants aka islanders live in a villa in Fiji, totally cut off from the outside world. Moreover, they are under constant video surveillance. The islanders have to couple up for love or friendship and even for money. The one who is left behind after the coupling gets eliminated.

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‏The contestants also have to take part in various physical and mental activities . Elimination also takes place on the basis of voting by the audience as well as sometimes, they even have to eliminate among themselves. The final week sees the winning couple who gets the highest number of votes.

Release date of Love Island Season 2

After the show was renewed for a second season on August 1,2019 . It was all set to release on May 21,2020. But, as we all know the Coronavirus pandemic has put everything on a halt. So, as of now no release date is known . Maybe the reality series will hit our screens by the end of this year.

Love island season 2

The ebullient cast of Love Island season 2: Whom to expect?

The list of the contestants has not been revealed yet. But we know for sure that Arielle Vandenberg would be the host of the dating show. Mathew Hoffman , the narrator would accompany her.

We can only be sure that Love Island Season 2 would bring more fun, love and lust to the table.

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