Little Nightmares 2
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Little Nightmares 2 or as it is stylised Little Nightmares ll is a puzzle- platformer survival horror adventurous game. It has been developed by Tarsier Studios. And, it is in the process of being produced by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game is a sequel to Little Nightmares ( as we all know). It’s announcement as a sequel was done at Gamescon 2019 . The sequel will bring a new player character, Mono, with the leading character from the previous game, Six, as a character controlled by the computer. The designers of this puzzle-platformer and survival horror game are Dave Mervik and Michael Thulin.

Little nightmares

Release date of Little Nightmares 2

The release date has yet not been declared yet. Just like so many upcoming shows, the game does not have a fixed release date. Little Nightmares 1 released in 2017 . And, soon saw success because of its amazing art design and enigmatic effects.

About Little Nightmares 2

As mentioned earlier, a new player character Mono is going to be introduced. After Six escapes from Maw in the first game , she meets a young lad named Mono. Both of them travel to the Signal tower in order to stop the mysterious broadcaster sending out dark signals. In this sequel, the game takes place in a new world which is distorted by the Signal tower. This new setting looks just as dark and unsettling as the previous one. Ominous schools and woodlands are the backgrounds as sadistic teachers and bloodthirsty hunters chase the player.

Little nightmares

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Little Nightmares 2 release consoles and platforms

Little Nightmares 2 would be released on all major consoles such as the Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Little Nightmares 2 Trailer

Yes . Little Nightmares 2 trailer is out for you to get a sinister dream. And, get all excited about it. The trailer is scary than expected.

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