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Kung Fu Panda 4 is the fourth and most awaited part of the much acclaimed Kung Fu Panda series. Our favorite Po the chubby dragon warrior is all set you hit the screens again. However, present situations may prolong this wait of the world audience.

Kung Fu Panda 4: Expected Plot

The previous movies followed the story of our chubby protagonist, Po. The dumpling eating panda turns out to be the Dragon Warrior.  And he also saves the Jade Palace from the attack of Tai Lung.

The second movie delves deeper into the origins of Po. He battles the evil white Peacock. Throughout this journey Po discovers who he is and identifies himself as one among the many. Moreover the questions about his real parents are answered.

The third movie of the series was the ultimate development in Po’s character. Master Shifu makes him a master and tasks him to guide the Furious Five. However, the ghost warrior Kai returns to avenge his defeat by Oogway. In addition to this,  Po’s real dad returns and takes him to the panda village where there are more of his kind. Po masters Chi and defeats Kai. He identifies himself as the true heir of the dragon.

The fourth movie’s plot can be based on a romantic development in Po’s character. Po has already met more of his kind and mastered kung fu. The time is ripe for the Dragon Warrior to fall in love. However, it is still unclear whether Tigress has a crush on Po.

Apart from the romantic inclination in Po’s demeanor, he will also have to face a new enemy. This enemy maybe anyone or even someone from the previous movies. This movie might be last installment of the Kung Fu Panda series.

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Casting and Release date


The core casting of the movie is expected to remain the same. Athough, none of the cast or crew has been officially confirmed.

Jack Black will be back for our favorite character Po the panda, Dustin Hoffman will lend his voice to Master Shifu and the evergreen beauty Angelina Jolie would be up for Tigress’s role. Bryan Cranston would be there as Li, Seth Rogen will dub for Mantis, and Jacky Chann will tune in as Monkey. Viper’s voice will be put by Lucy Liu. And we will have James Hoang for Mr. Ping’s character.

Release date:

Ever since Kung Fu Panda 3 hit the theatres, there has been constant buzz about the fourth movie of the series. The initial release expected to be in the year 2018. But that could not happen since the production company DreamWorks was acquired by NBCuniversal.

But recent official comments indicated that the movie is undergoing production. However, understanding the present pandemic, the release cannot be guaranteed anytime soon. We expect the movie to hit theatres in late 2020 or early 2021.

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Reference – Pop Culture Times

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