The kissing Booth 2
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This summer is going to be an exciting one for the Kissing Booth fans. Netflix has a lot of surprises for us. One of them being Kissing Booth 2. Yes, they are back. Based on the second novel Kissing Booth 2: Going the Distance, this sequel is going to be the continuation of the first film.

The trailer has been released and there is a lot going on. With Elle, with Noah, with Lee and another person who has entered their lives. To know more about it, stick with us.

Release date

The filming of Kissing Booth 2 was completed by October 2019, that is before the pandemic crisis. And hence it will be streaming on Netflix on July 24 this year.

Who all will be returning?

Wondering who all will be back this time? Almost the entire cast of the first film will return in the Kissing Booth 2. Our main characters, Elle and Noah will be played by, Joey King and Jacob Elordi respectively. Other cast members include,

  • Joel Courtney as Lee Flynn
  • Meganne Young as Rachel
  • Molly Ringwald as Noah and Lee’s mother
  • Bianca Bosch as Olivia

Kissing booth 2

Remember the new person whom we mentioned earlier? Well, there is a new entry in the star cast, infact not one but two. Taylor Perez as Marco and Maisie Richardson Sellers as Chloe will be seen in the sequel.

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What does the trailer unfold?

Kissing booth 2

Okay, so the trailer seems fantastic and the story picks up from where it ended. Romance, comedy, emotions, and a lot of drama awaits us this time. Elle had spent a romantic summer with her boyfriend Noah after which she was not sure if they would be together. Nevertheless, from the trailer it seems that they are still together and what comes ahead is a complete mess.

Noah left for Harvard and Elle joined her dream college and is going to step into her senior year, of course with her best friend Lee. Now the big question is, who is Marco? Here’s the catch. Marco is the new classmate of Elle. He is handsome, charismatic and a snack! Gradually, Elle and Marco become close friends but there is more to it. Even Noah has a new friend at Harvard. Chloe, who is seemingly perfect college girl has started spending time with Noah.

These two unexpected friendships are obviously going to hinder Elle and Noah’s relationship. How are they going to deal with this? Will Elle trust Noah? Or will she listen to her heart? Between all this mess going on, you are just going to enjoy.

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