Justice for Sushant
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#Justice for Sushant is trending all over the social media. Get the details about his case here.

The year 2020 has brought too much bad news and happenings. With the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is stuck at home, things are at a halt and ominous things have been taking place. Bollywood too has had some really awful things. This year has brought the news of the death of veteran actors like Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor. But, what was most unexpected was the news of death of young actor Sushant Singh Rajput. He had died by suicide.

It’s been two months now since the untimely demise of the quintessential actor Sushant Singh Rajput. He had died on 14th June, 2020. Since then, there have been many speculations about his death.

Initially, it was emphasised by the media that Sushant was mentally ill and suffering from depression. This idea was deeply ingrained in the minds of the viewers and they were made to believe it. Then, came the Nepotism debate raised by, well, you already know, none other than the Queen actress Kangana Ranaut.

She put out a video on social media in which she talked about how newcomers and those who don’t have a filmy background are often ostracised and ignored in Bollywood. She questioned the integrity of some really popular actors like Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt amongst many others . The Nepotism debate has been reignited and netizens are unsparing in calling out the disparity of job opportunities between the starkids and the newcomers.

Justice for Sushant

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Then, Ankita Lokhande who had shared a 7-8 years old romantic relationship with Sushant , said in an interview that he wasn’t the kind of person who could be depressed. He was a lively and joyful man who loved life, thus, he is not the one to have been in depression. Gradually, Sushant Singh Rajput’s girlfriend Rhea Chakrobarty’s name came under a lot of fire. People started questioning her intention when it was revealed that Sushant paid the cost of her brother’s flight and even her expenses of the salon and everything.

what is #Justice for Sushant?

Then, on 28th July, Sushant’s father K.K. Singh filed a case against Rhea Chakrobarty and five others, including three of her family members in Patna. Sushant’s father has blamed Rhea and other accused of abetment of suicide, wrongful confinement, theft in dwelling house, criminal breach of trust and cheating. K K Singh has said that Sushant was at the peak of his acting career till May 2019 when Rhea and her family members through a conspiracy developed relations with him and were after his wealth.

The FIR has been filed against Rhea Chakraborty and three of her family members who are Indrajit Chakraborty, Sandhya Chakraborty and Souvik Chakraborty. Other two who have been accused are Samuel Miranda and Shruti Modi.

A team of police officers from Patna came to Mumbai. But, they were quarantined and stopped from investigating. This led to a controversy.
But, now CBI is handling the case. Rhea Chakraborty has been interrogated and there are leads in the case.

We sincerely hope that #Jutice for Sushant brings some impact in his case and the actor gets justice.

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