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Joker enjoyed a celebrated run at the cinemas with a resounding effect yielding enough to earn an Academy award for the lead actor Joaquin Phoenix. This success was admirable despite, or perhaps due to, the great deal of violence and anarchy that the movie featured. Owing to its incontrovertible success, it is obvious and most expected that there’s Joker 2 brewing out there.

Is Joker 2 still doubtful?

Despite being a fan-favorite, Joker 2 was considered doubtful mainly because co-writer and director Todd Phillips ruled it out. Phillips asserted that they had no plans for a sequel since they had always pitched it as one movie.

The Joker’s character is one of the most widely popular villains in comic book history. Given that and the one billion dollars box office collection from the Joker movie might have been enough to soften Phillips’ stance.

That or not, but it has now been confirmed that Joker 2 is in development. Although there is still a sense of uncertainty, so let’s just ‘put on a happy face’!

The reason behind Joker’s success

The modern audience, primarily the younger members of the society, possess a certain inclination towards those movies which reveal the harsh human psychological reality. The story of the villain’s past has come forward as a more interesting avenue worth discovering, outshining the superhero’s brave deeds. Joker’s insanity in his character never seemed ridiculous as he managed to keep the audience engaged with his peculiarities.

It is always interesting to know why or what made a person do something. Joaquin Phoenix has very meticulously portrayed the transformation of a man into a villain. Over time, the knight in the shining armour has faded under the reasonably ominous smirk of the antagonist. This change in liking for the non-typical has now culminated into a phenomenon. The Joker movie has been received as an unbiased and unpolished take on the society which is very much relatable by many.

Joker 2

This is the primary reason why Joker became extremely popular among the audience and is now awaiting a sequel. A similar situation of anarchy and fear now exists in the world due to the pandemic outbreak. This could set a more relatable stage for the release of Joker 2.

Joker 2: Release date

All we can say that we have to be patient in this hour of uncertainty. It is already a big relief that the producers are in for a sequel considering the fact that they have always viewed Joker as one movie. Apart from this all production work has been suspended due to the outbreak of a global pandemic.

If Joker 2 is going to happen then it won’t be overnight. Bearing in mind the practical aspects and the current scenario, our best hopes lie somewhere near the end of 2021.

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The Cast: Will Joaquin Phoenix return?

Joaquin Phoenix bagged the Oscar for his role as Arthur Fleck in Joker. Warner Bros. will be anything but wise if they do not call him on board again. Who would miss the opportunity to hit the goldmine twice?

Zazie Beetz’s, who plays Joker’s neighbor Sophie, might return. Although Phillips confirmed that Joker didn’t kill her, it would seem very unwise to escape from prison and go back to the same building where people might recognise you.

We have Sophie Dumond (Frances Conroy), Gary (Josh Pais) and Detective Garrity (Glenn Fleshler) contributing to the Joker2 actor’s list. Talented actors like Hoyt Vaughn (Rocco Luna), Genetics Ufland (Sondra James), GiGi Dumond (Marc Maron) and Dr. Sally (Murphy Guyer) will also be there.

Joker 2: Plot. Will there be Batman or another Super Villain

By the end of Joker Arthur had completed his transition to a quirky, capricious villain and was locked up. The last that we saw was Arthur locked up in Arkham State Hospital, presumably arrested after the riots which tore through Gotham City were quelled by the police. The final scene has him dancing down the corridor, comfortably ignoring the bloody footprints that he left.

Giving in to Joker’s unpredictability, there is always a chance that he will break out of prison. We greatly expect Bruce Wayne, whose parents died in the riots, to grow up and return as Batman to avenge their death.

However, unlike the Joker in The Dark Knight or the earlier Batman movies, Arthur doesn’t seem the type to scheme up a villainous masterplan. His actions are driven by instinct and he only goes after Murray as he’s shown to be obsessive over the talk-show host. If at all there is going to a Batman angle in the sequel then it must be explored from Joker’s point of view.

There might also be a new antagonist in the story. The previous one was dominated by Arthur’s evil transformation, Joker. But the creators will definitely try a different angle in Joker 2. We will tell you about that as soon as any little birdy drops in some information. Till then stay tuned!

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