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Actor Johnny Depp has been accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife, actor and model, Amber Heard. Depp is continuously denying all the allegations; however, the libel case continues.
Depp and Heard met on the set of the comedy, The Rum Diary in 2011. They got married in 2015, in the month of February at Los Angeles. Heard filed a divorce in 2016 and accused Depp of domestic abuse. In 2017 the divorce was finalised.

Currently, Depp is suing News Group Newspapers, which is the publisher of the Sun. Also, the executive director of the paper, Dan Wootton. The newspaper published an article in April 2018, that said, Depp had physically abused, ex-wife Heard calling him a ‘Wife-beater’. Johnny Depp says he never hit ex-wife Amber Heard as the libel case continues.

On Wednesday, in the court, Depp admitted that he could have done things while he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol, which he can’t remember. He also emphasised that he did not hit Heard and is not a violent person, especially with women.

Johnny depp

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There are 14 allegations of physical abuse against Depp. One of them being the 2014 Private Plane flight incident. Heard has clearly alleged Depp saying that he was in a bad temper and he slapped and kicked her on the back during the flight. Heard said that Depp believed, she was having an affair with the actor, James Franco.

Various text messages have been presented in the court as evidence to verify the statements of both the parties. However, nothing has been made clear till now. Heard claims that drugs and alcohol made Depp a monster. On the other hand, Depp called all of it nothing but a Hoax.

Johnny Depp

Heard is going through a three-week trial currently. She has to present the evidence later. Depp is suing Heard for $50 million for smearing him for false accusations. This case is to proceed the next year.

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