Euphoria season 2
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Euphoria, the teen drama based on an Israeli show of the same name can return back anytime soon. The series created by Sam Levinson explores the life of teenagers. Season 1 had left us hanging on cliffhangers. But, hopefully Euphoria Season 2 would relieve us of the excitement. 

A throwback to Euphoria Season 1

Season 1 . It featured the supremely talented Zendaya. For the second season, it was renewed in July 2019.  Euphoria Season 1 featured on HBO, the media giant. The storyline of the first season mainly focused on the life of teenager Rue .And people around her coping up with issues of love, friendship, sex, drugs, agony and identity. The protagonist Rue is battling with substance abuse and her sexuality. While, her transgender friend, Jules is trying to figure out the problems in her own life. In addition to that all the characters have their own fights and simply trying to survive . 


Euphoria season 2

Season 1 recieved critical acclaimation . The tv series garnered much praise for its acting, story,visuals and a commendable approach to mature topics.

Euphoria Season 2 on its way.

The production of Euphoria Season 2 was decided in July 2019. However, it is on a pause due to the Corona virus pandemic. Sydney Sweeney who plays Cassie 

Howard in the first season , says about how the producers are taking things seriously and intend no harm to the cast,crew or anybody involved. They are waiting for all this to calm down . She further adds that all of the members are hoping that the production is resumed this summer .But ,they don’t want to rush anything and be on the safer side. Also, she says that the producers do not want to get their hopes high.  Meanwhile, they are just waiting and seeing.

Euphoria season 2

Euphoria Season 2 Cast: Whom can you expect?

Euphoria Season 1 featured Zendaya as Rue and most probably she will again be the protagonist. Zendaya says that the series taught her a lot about herself. Moreover, she says that it helped her to grow more confident in her own skin as previously she used to doubt herself a lot.
For the cast ensemble, we can expect Hunter Schafer as Jules who is a transgender character and Rue’s friend. Apatow is in the role of Lexi. Fezco the drug dealer is Angus Cloud. Eric  Dane as Cal and Alexa Demie as Maddy. Jacob Elordi portrays the role of Nate. Barbie Ferrira is in  the role of Kat. And we can expect other members of the cast. Moreover,we also expect new members to join the ensemble cast.

What can you expect out of the upcoming season?

Nothing is sure right now regarding the script .But fans have been wondering whether Rue will return. Fortunately, the sources revealed that Rue will return. There are several speculations regarding the show.  Moreover, several sources say that Euphoria Season 2 would be darker and more intense. To sum up, Euphoria Season 2 would be completing exciting . Certainly, a perfect watch to be. 

Euphoria season 2

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