Inuyasha season 2
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An anime series full of adventure, fantasy and romance. It has a commendable fanbase and a lot more to offer. Inuyasha is the show that can be watched again and again without getting bored. What could be better than a sequel to the series? Inuyasha season 2 is returning this year!!! Yashahime Princess Half Demon is coming in this sequel.

Release date

Till now there has not been any official announcement by the team. But we could expect Inuyasha season 2 to release somewhere around October 2020 and if not then early 2021.


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What is it all about?

Adventure being high in the priority list of genres, this show brings in a lot of it. The adventure of Sesshomaru’s daughters who are half demons, accompanied with Inuyasha and Kagome’s daughter, Moroha. Sesshomaru’s daughters, Towa and Setsuna are twin sisters and are set out to find the mystery of their past life.

What are we waiting to see in Inuyasha season 2?

Well, there is a lot we are waiting to see, of which the most interesting part is that Inuyasha season 2 will be the story of the kids of the first season’s characters. How do they resemble their parents, how their parents play a supporting role and much more.


While it is quite clear that the mother of Inuyasha’s children is Kagome Higurashi, but who is the mother of Sesshomaru’s children? There are a lot of speculations around this. However, that can only be seen in the episodes.

Setsuna’s character design resembles a lot to that of an adult Rin. This point has a potential diversity to show. Moreover, we have seen Sesshomaru making fun of Inuyasha a lot of times for being a half demon. It will be quite interesting as well as ironic to see his daughters being half demon themselves.

We have pointed very few points here but there is much much more that Inuyasha season 2 has to offer.

Reference: Netflix

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