India banned Chinese apps
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Why have the Chinese apps been banned? Is it a sudden ban? Has only India banned Chinese apps? What are the controversies? What are the facts, rather unnoticed facts?

In this article we are not going to tell you what type of content TikTok created or what social message did it deliver. We are not going to tell you if it is right or wrong. We will only state facts and let you be the judge of the situation.

Not only TikTok but 58 more Chinese applications have been banned in India. There has to be a solid reason. The first and the foremost reason for this ban has been serious security concerns. The China’s National Intelligence Law of 2017 says that, “any organisation or citizen shall support, assist and cooperate with State intelligence work according to the law”. Now, what does this exactly mean? This means that if China wants the access to any sort of data, be it private or public, the organisation will have to give access to that data to China. 

This itself creates a security threat to the people. We all know the power of data. Today, everything that we do, be it banking, social media, office work, documentation and whatnot, all of it is run on big data. We are dependent on data and giving access to this data to anyone without permission is something we don’t want.

India banned Chinese apps

Not only India, there are other countries as well that have banned Chinese apps. The US and Australian military have banned TikTok.
Talking about TikTok, this app takes your regional data from your SIM card or IP address without your permission. Not only your regional data but also the data that you copy on your clipboard is at exposure. Apple users found that the data stored in their clipboard affected the content that they saw on TikTok. We copy a lot of private data like OTP, passwords, links etc on our clipboard which TikTok can access.

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Such practices have also been noticed in other Chinese apps like Shein and Club Factory. These shopping apps deliver products to their customers by avoiding the customs duty taxes.
The ban of 59 Chinese apps is not a sudden action. There have been controversies around these apps since a long time. And the scenario at the border with China has catalysed this act.

India banned Chinese apps

Source: Economictimes

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