If I Stay 2
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The romantic teen drama, If I Stay 2 is one big release that fans are desperately waiting for. Read all the information about it below…  

It is not every Young Adult romance book that makes us teary eyed. And, it is also not every young adult book that talks about the sheer complexities of life and despite all, how precious it is. But, If I Stay is a young adult book that reminds us of our families, our loved ones .

If I Stay released in 2014, it is American romantic drama film of teenagers. R.J. Cutler is the movie’s director. And, the film is based on a 2009 book of the same name by the popular writer Gayle Forman.

Plot of If I Stay

Mia Hall is the protagonist of the movie. Her father is a school teacher and an ex rockstar whereas, her mom is a travel agent. And, there’s also a boy, Teddy, her younger brother. Mia is passionate about music and playing cello. It’s her thing. Since a tender age, she has been practicing cello. Her boyfriend is Adam who is a rising rockstar gaining fame. The movie is shown in flashbacks of past and the present.

One fine day, the family is on the way to meet Mia’s grandparents, when they meet with an accident. Mia’s parents and little brother die. She goes into a coma. During this incident, she has an out of body experience where she can see herself. Adam comes for a visit to the hospital. And, her grandparents say to her ( her body) that it’s her decision to stay or leave. Mia remembers all the happy moments of life and opens her eyes, while Adam holds her hands. 

If I Stay 2

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Release date of If I Stay 2

There is no release date. No confirmation if the movie is being made. The novel has a sequel . But, a second movie seems impossible in such morbid times.

Plot of If I Stay 2

If I Stay 2

As per the second part of the book series, Mia lives and joins Juilliard school. She is a rising young talent there. Adam and she are no longer together. Adam is a rockstar with a celebrity girlfriend. One day, he gets stuck in New York and circumstances lead them to spend the night together. Thus, rekindling old love and affection. Officially, no plot is declared. All these are just speculations based on the book’s story. 

Cast of If I Stay 2

Chloë Grace Moretz is seeing in the lead role, Mia Hall. Adam Wilde is played by Jamie Blackley. Mireille Enos plays Kathleen Hall. Joshua Leonard plays the role of Denny Hall. Jakob Davies plays Teddy Hall. There are other supporting characters too.

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