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Jennifer Aniston played the idol role of Rachel Green in the 90’s. Get to know how to dress like Rachel Green from Friends in this article.

Many television shows came and went, but none of them are as popular as F. R. I. E. N. D. S. The romantic comedy series has a separate fanbase not just in America but all over the world. India being one of these. The show came up on television on 22nd September, 1994. Although it’s such an old show, still the millennials relate themselves to the characters of the show.

Specially, Rachel Green aka Jennifer Aniston is the most popular among the young ladies. Her fashion sense is really appreciated in the show. Although it’s the 90’s fashion that she dresses up in, it is evergreen and many girls try to dress up like her. Well, no more worries, we will help you out with how to dress like Rachel Green from Friends. 

Keep reading to get the answer to your question….How to dress like Rachel Green from Friends???

The lady is shown to have superb fashion sense, whether she works as a waitress in the coffee shop or as a manager in one of the popular fashion stores. She just slays in all her seens and takes our heart away. 

Well, even you can look as elegant as the character Jennifer Aniston played in Friends with these simple ideas… 

 Always add a third accessory to your outfit

How to dress like Rachel Green from friends

The very first thing we noticed about the character’s outfit was that she always highlighted her outfit with a third accessory. For example she used to put a long, cozy cardigan along with tight T-shirt and narrow jeans paired with either heels or boots. Or you could even add a thin golden necklace with a small locket in it instead of the cardigan if the t-shirt is a high neck. 

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Wear what’s comfortable for you

How to dress like Rachel Green from friends

Most of the time the actress is seen wearing loose pants or jeans with a plain short t-shirt paired with either black loafers or slippers with a thick base. The second outfit idea that is the best and comfortable is to wear blue jeans with white coloured short top inside. And adding an oversized, light coloured shirt on top of it keeping it unbuttoned. Well, don’t forget to tie the free ends of the shirt. Keep your hairs open and a bit messy for a perfect Rachel Green look. 

Still in a confusion??? Going out for a get together or outing and wondering what you should wear. Well, here’s another Rachel Green’s outfit idea for you to look different and grab everyone’s attention. 

Wear the Rachel Green’s signature dress

How to dress like Rachel Green from friends

In most of the scenes of Friends Rachel is seen wearing a short skirt. Even you could get her look with what’s already available in your wardrobe. Just pair up your short skirt (either printed or plain) with a full sleeved t-shirt of deep neck. Make sure the colour of the t-shirt compliments the skirt. Add a luxurious looking black belt as a third accessory. And for footwear, wear black high boots. 

This is my personal favorite from all her looks because it’ll make you look out of the crowd as people generally wear the common jeans t-shirt nowadays.

What haircut should you follow?

Well, Rachel is seen in many different hairstyles throughout the show. According to my suggestions, you should get the haircut that you like the most and suits your face. And do not try different haircuts unless you love experimenting with them. 

I hope that this article was able to help you clear your doubt about how to dress like Rachel Green from Friends. Do comment and tell us about which popular celebrity’s outfit ideas you want next. And stay tuned for more such ideas. 

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