House of cards season 7
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The political and dogmatic, ambitious and cruel, House of Cards. Has the series been cancelled? Will there be House of Cards season 7? Why did it get cancelled? What exactly happened?
Be assured, you are in the right place to get all the updates. We are here with all you need to know about the House of Cards. Read further to get all the updates.

Will there be season 7?

The show is one of the popular originals of Netflix. Lately, Netflix reported the House of Cards season 6 will be the final season. It has been a long time since the series started and it seems the fans have started losing interest due to a lot of reasons. And so, we see no chances of House of Cards season 7.

House of cards season 7

Has the series been cancelled?

The series has been cancelled by Netflix due to various reasons. One of the major reasons being the public scandal. There have been allegations against Kevin Spacey for sexual misconduct, by Anthony Rapp. This was the reason why Kevin’s character had been removed from the show by the end of season 5 by introducing a murder plot in it. This was not the original plan of the makers but they had to make the necessary changes.

House of cards

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Will it get renewed?

The House of Cards has been a six season show and has not failed to entertain its audience. The show has been no doubt a successful one. However, there is no more left to offer and hence the chances of its renewal are very low.

House of cards

Something from season 6

By the end of season 5, Spacey’s character, Francis Underwood, had been killed. In season 6, Underwood’s wife took over his position owing to her ambitious nature. Season 6 is going to be the wrap up season with all the plot coming to a conclusion.

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