Grand theft auto 6
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There have been a lot of rumors and reports suggesting about the renewal of GTA for a sixth part. However, no official confirmation has been made yet. But it’s sure that GTA 6 is happening anyway. Hopefully we’ll be getting it on PS5 and Xbox Series X. And there are also some chances for it to be a cross-gen series. Read below to get the complete information about the GTA 6 release date.

GTA 6 release date

The evidences for the renewal of GTA for another part comes from investigating the work culture of the Rockstar. Thus, according to the present reports, Grand Theft Auto is planning for a new entry. Moreover, we even know that it is in its early development stage. But the will it be GTA 6 or not? We’ll, this is yet to be confirmed.

Grand theft auto 6

According to the present plans of Rockstar, they intend to release a slightly smaller game at first and then keep upgrading it’s version through updates at regular intervals. Thus, GTA 6 will probably have the integration of more live service options. All these are just predictions, Rockstar has not revealed anything about the highly anticipated RPG yet.

However, some rumors about it have been circulating in the internet. Continue reading to find out what more we know about GTA 6.

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Some leaked information about GTA 6

The game is in its early development stage. As per the leaked information Codename for the project is Project Americas because it’ll take place in various countries. For instance, Brazil in a fictional city based on Rio de Janeiro and Vice City in the US. In addition, the protagonist of the game will be only one, that too a male. Basically what we can get till now is that the game is greatly inspired by Netflix’s Narcos and is somewhat similar to it.

Grand theft auto 6

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