Godzilla vs kong
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The ferocious, the cruel, the monstrous, the most awaited, Godzilla vs Kong. We have been waiting for it ever since the last movie of the MonsterVerse series, Godzilla: King of the Monsters released. Although our wait has been further pushed, it is something worth waiting for!

One thing that you don’t have to wait for are the updates. When will our wait come to an end? What is gonna happen in the movie? Who all will be there in the cast? We have got it all covered in this article. 

Release date

Godzilla vs Kong had been earlier scheduled to be released in November 20, 2020. However, due to the existing coronavirus pandemic situation, the dates have been postponed. Now, the new release dates as notified by the Warner Bros is May 21, 2021.

Godzilla vs kong

Cast of Godzilla vs Kong

There as not been any confirmation from the team regarding the cast of Godzilla vs Kong. But we do have some idea about who all will be there in the movie. Since this instalment of the MonsterVerse series is going to be the continuation of the previous movie, some of the cast members are going to reprise their roles.
Milli Brown and Zhang Ziyi will be there playing their parts. There are going to be many new characters in the upcoming movie. So, get ready to see several new faces.

Godzilla vs kong

Where is the plot going to lead?

We derive our idea of the plot of Godzilla vs Kong, from the synopsis released by the Legendary and Warner Bros. It says that the two monsters, Godzilla and Kong will be having an epic faceoff. They will be led to uncharted terrains where the clues to the Titans origin will be revealed. There is a lot going on in there including, the human conspiracy to wipe all the creatures from the face of the earth.

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Another synopsis released conveys that strange seismic activity on the Skull Island will draw the attention of both the monsters, the Godzilla and the Kong.
Who will win the battle to become the king of monsters this time? Is it going to be the final battle? Or will there be more battles to fight? With no confirmed news from the production house we can only rely on our theories.

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