God of war
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God Of War 5 is the fifth part of the God of War franchise. God Of War video game made its debut in 2005 on Sony PlayStation. Moreover, it is an action-adventure game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by Santa Monica Studio. The bloody game has got it’s inspiration from the Greek mythology. But God of War 3 adopted the North mythologies.

The game has become the love of a generation for being there for over 14 years. God Of War 5 for PlayStation 5 is eagerly awaited by the fans after the game won the coveted Game of the Year award in 2018.

Expected Release date and details of Game of War 5

God Of War game director Corey Barlog has often indirectly hinted that Kratos and Atreus’ next adventure is undergoing development for some time now. Barlog revealed that a boss battle with an enormous demonic bird might not be a part of the previous version of the game. This indicates that such leftover assets can be included in God Of War 5.

The writing team has often claimed that they have enough material for another game of the series. Santa Monica hasn’t openly accepted an addition to the series. However, it published a job opening for a “Senior Combat Designer”, clearly stating that applicants must have knowledge about God of War (2018) and be able to speak about combat system, mechanics and enemies. This created a rumour that God of War 5 was underway.

Image from God of War Artbook

As of now, no definite release date has been announced but we expect it to be around the release of PlayStation 5.

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Plot of the game: Do we expect Thor

Kratos has risen from the plains and continues his adventure in the snowy mountains. And the game also features the final battle between Kratos and Baldur, the Norse God of light. After this Kratos and Atreus embark upon their journey to Jotunheim to scatter the ashes of Atreus’ mother, Faye. It is there they discover that Faye was actually a giant by the name of Laufey. This eventually makes Atreus half-god and half-giant. And he takes up the name ‘Loki’.

The game has loosely followed mythological folklore as major events in the story. This time too we can expect a similar plot.  One anticipation has cropped up that Ragnarock will be the enemy to defeat this time. In addition to this, a secret cut scene shows Thor coming to confront Kratos.

The game promises a thrilling experience for the players as they adventure to discover the true identity and legacy of Atreus. According to our estimates the launch could occur in late 2020 or early 2021.

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