Gilmore Girls
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The go to television drama favorite of every ’90s and ’00s kid, the Gilmore girls are returning with Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life Season 2. The series is an ecstatic portrayal of an ideal mother-daughter relationship.

Gilmore Girls is the classic family drama that every teenager has watched. And watching again now that it is available on Netflix. You got it right! Netflix was wise enough to revive the holy grail of entertainment through its online streaming service.

Gilmore girls

Gilmore Girls: The Plot

Originally a seven season series, Gilmore Girls follows the the story of Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory. It explains how the two share a strong mother-daughter relationship and have a deep-founded, strong bond. However, despite being able to foster a strong bond with her daughter, Lorelai’s relationship with her own mother is suffering a bumpy ride.

The original which ended in 2007 was given a future series spin off in 2016. And, to the viewers’ utmost delight, the show has been renewed for another season!

This time Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life brings a complex plot for its viewers. While the previous season dealt with Rory’s childhood and teenage years, the show now delves into her adulthood. Living life as a journalist, Rory is constantly on  a go, away from her mother. The effects of this distancing between the two and the complications it heralds are going to play the plot of the coming season. As they say, parenting gets difficult when kids get older.

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Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life Season 2 : AIR Date

Blame it on the wretched pandemic! Our high hopes were broken asunder due to the coronavirus outbreak. So as of now, no official, or even unofficial, insight has been provided regarding the release dates.

Hopefully matters will settle down soon and we might have Season 2 in 2021. Amen.

Cast: Whom to expect

Our beloved Gilmore Girls, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel will be there as Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. They will be joined by Kelly Bishop as Emily Gilmore and Scott Patterson as Luke Danes. We can obviously excuse the creators for bringing in the same award-winning team again in hope of another super hit season.

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