Fleabag Season 3
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Fleabag has bagged six Primetime Emmy Awards and British Academy Television Award. The audience have shown the most positive response for the two seasons of the series. For a show with these many feathers in the cap, it seems quite appalling when the creators do not want to bring in another installment. The show has been penned by Phoebe Waller-Bridge who also plays the lead role in the show. And, to our dismay, she has consistently denied any chances of Fleabag Season 3.

What happened after Fleabag season 2?

**Spoilers ahead**

In the final moments of Fleabag‘s second season, the titular heroine (played by the show’s creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge) tells the Hot Priest, “I love you.” He heartbreakingly assures her, “It’ll pass.” Minutes later, the screen on season 2 of the critically acclaimed series cuts to black.

I do not know about Fleabag but the world’s fervour and yearning for Fleabag Season 3 has not passed. And like Fleabag’s lust for the forbidden Priest, fans are demanding another season of the show. Waller-Bridge’s consistent denial only strengthens our desire for a third season. What began as a 2013 one-woman play swept the Emmys in September with six wins and collected two more Golden Globes on January 5. But these shimmering acknowledgements of her extraordinary work failed to soften Waller-Bridge’s resolve on the Fleabag Season 3.

Fleabag season 3

She considers these award shows as “just beautiful goodbyes”. In fact she has discouraged fans from getting their hopes high. When asked by the BBC about season 3, she declared, “I have thought about it and there isn’t going to be one. This is it—this is the final curtain.” She added, “And yes, I did say that last time.”

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Where did the Season 2 end?

The ending of Fleabag Season 2 left the audience fraught with a mixture of feelings. While on one hand we saw the main character Fleabag suffer a heartbreak, a beautiful worthy ending, it also planted a strong desire within us for Fleabag Season 3.

Fleabag’s finale saw her evil godmother, impeccably played by Olivia Coleman, marry her father  (Bill Paterson) in an outdoor ceremony officiated by the Priest. Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) and her sister, Claire (Sian Clifford), buried the hatched and mended their relationship  just as Claire’s marriage to Martin (Brett Gelman) ends. The Priest (Andrew Scott) and Fleabag head to the bus stop as they try to figure out where their impossible relationship can go. Eventually the Priest chooses his faith over Fleabag and she is left with a mournful look on her face, vanished in the obscurity of the black screen.

Are there any chances for Fleabag Season 3? Will Waller-Bridge change her mind?

If recent events be considered, Fleabag Season 3 is more likely than it appears. For instance, the TV adaptation of Waller-Bridge’s stage play was supposed to have a one season run. Even then the she had resolved not to have a season 2 of the show. However, an idea for season 2 did arrive and Waller-Bridge said during the panel, “I may be surprised again,” when it comes to a third iteration.

Fleabag season 3

Fans do remember the cheeky announcement of season 2 which evidently showed Waller-Bridge’s artistic caprice. The same could certainly be expected for a third season.

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