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What do you think of when you hear the name Darren Star? If Sex and the City and Beverly Hills does not come to you, then surely you are in hot waters. Darren Star is the creative mind behind these two amazing shows which feature beautiful ladies, bittersweet romances, spellbinding locations and an extravagant wardrobe of luxury clothes and shoes.

This autumn season, Darren Star is making a return to the utmost delight of his fans. He is coming back with a show set in Paris, an American girl who comes to the French capital for work. But, is now also exploring various avenues of cultural revelations, new friendships and new love interests. Emily in Paris is going to be the next rom-com heaven created by Darren Star.

What is Emily in Paris all about?

Emily in Paris is an American comedy-drama web television series. It is going to be released this autumn season. The creator is Darren Star. The story is about an American woman of twenty- something age, Emily who is sent to the French capital Paris by her company to provide an American outlook to a French firm.

Emily in Paris

The storyline is about her adventures in the French capital. She has new friends and she faces cultural clashes. Emily also surfs on the tide of love with the debonair and charismatic French men. And, in all this how she keeps herself balanced and sane.

Cast of Emily in Paris : Whom to expect?

The leading role of Emily Cooper is played by Lily Collins. Ashley Park plays Mindy Chen. The Grey’s Anatomy actress Kate Walsh is also a part of the cast. William Abadie plays the role of Antoine Lambert. Many French actors are a part of the cast which gives authenticity to the whole thing.

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Release date of Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris is going to release on 2nd October on the streaming platform Netflix. It is going to have 10 episodes, all of which would drop on the 2nd of October.

Emily in Paris Trailer

The trailer is out and looks promising. It is a Darren Star universe. So you can expect good clothes, Paris (obviously!) , handsome men and a touch of drama for the leading lady. We are expecting nothing short of a rom com heaven.

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