Dirty Money
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The rising tensions and frequent shout-outs in recent politics has brought viewers’ attention to a series such as Dirty Money. Dirty Money is a docu-series on Netflix that covers anecdotes of fraud and embezzlements that occur in the corporate world. The first season of the series was aired on January 26, 2018, making up to a total of six episodes.

Series retains its ground with continuous thrills pulsating with the ideas of individuals. Episode 6 of this very first season won its focus as the episode’s subject was Donald Trump.

Dirty Money Season 2 returned with six untold stories of corruption and scandal in the business realm. It focused mainly on the effects of corruption and money-laundering on ordinary people.

This time it highlighted the ways of Jared Kushner who rose from his father-in-law’s real estate heir to the office of the President’s advisor. He is shown using authority for his advantage.

The entire installment promises property strategies Banking scandals, harmful plastics, and revealing how a thirst for profit puts citizens at risk. This series is also getting a lot of positive reaction, and that folks are currently waiting for season 3.

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When will Dirty Money Season 3 air?

The second season of the series was released on Netflix on March 20, 2020. This was two years after the release of the first season. Since the business world is so fraught with frauds and scams, there is plenty of material to comfortably tailor out a third season of the series.

Although the streaming giant has not announced a third season yet, but it is most likely to happen if the second season also receives the same positive feedback from viewers as the previous one.


Dirty money season 3

If that happens, we can expect Dirty Money Season 3 to drop in around March 2021.

Who will be seen in Dirty Money Season 3?

The third season, as of now, has not been confirmed let alone who will be featured in it. If Dirty Money Season 3 is announced and a trailer is released then we might get a rough idea about who we can see this season. But Alex Gibney will be present, of course.

What can be expected from Dirty Money Season 3?

Not denying the series particular proclivity towards.. umh.. exposing political biggies, it will be no surprise if it looms over more members of the Trump family/administration. We’ve seen Hillary Clinton, Ivanka Trump, POTUS Donald Trump, among others. We can definitely expect the third season, if renewed, to feature known faces in the public spectrum.

With the lockdown due to the pandemic, we cannot closely observe the ongoing political drama. In case you need to get your figures straight, just tune in to Dirty Money on Netflix and listen to what Alex Gibney has to say.

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